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9 month old Diarrhea

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HardonCollider Sun 22-Nov-20 21:13:14

Could he be teething too?

doireallyneedaname Sun 22-Nov-20 12:59:03

Hi all.

My 9 month old has had mild Diarrhea, this is the second day of it. He had a lot of prunes for breakfast the morning before it started so I thought it could be that but not so sure now we are on day 2.

He’s fine in himself otherwise, no temp, taking milk, water and food.

He seems to be doing it after most of his food, it doesn’t fill up his nappy so it’s not a large amount. He’s still got heavy nappies from weeing too.

He’s my first so I’m not sure what’s normal. When should I be calling the GP?

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