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Birthdays a few days apart

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BluebellsGreenbells Sat 21-Nov-20 20:54:58

I’d put the decorations up for a week!

Kids won’t care.

Separate presents, special tea, separate cake etc so individual

Sunstar16 Sat 21-Nov-20 20:53:06

My brother and I have birthdays a few days apart. We use to have a joint party. My uncle was a pastry chef and always made our cake. One half pink and one half blue. We had our presents and a small cake on our actual birthday.

Ihaveoflate Sat 21-Nov-20 20:36:03

My sister and I have birthdays a few days apart. I can remember having joint parties but my mum always made separate cakes and we chose what she made (within reason!). We never decorated the house for birthdays but we had our cards up on the mantle piece for a few days each with no overlap.

I had the slightly later birthday (and I’m the younger) but I honestly don’t ever remember it being an issue. It was just normal. My husband and his sister also have very close birthdays within a week of Christmas Day, so I think they got an even worse deal!

Dalooah Sat 21-Nov-20 19:54:50

Hello all!

It's not far till my daughters' birthdays. They are turning 1 and 4 and their DOB's are three days apart.

Can anyone suggest some ideas of how I can decorate the house for both days- so both are individual/special and not wasting time & effort- possibly reusing from the first birthday and adding some bits.

This is obviously going to be a recurring issue and although I don't think this year will matter much to DD turning 1; but would like to be prepared for the future!


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