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How to get 3 month old to sleep on back- help please

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NLW91 Sat 21-Nov-20 08:46:58

Hi, I’m a FTM.

My 3 month old son used to sleep on his back from birth and was happy being swaddled. Fast forward to about 6 weeks onwards and he started hating being on his back. He wouldn’t sleep. He hated the swaddle also. I was getting exhausted trying to get him to sleep. I eventually just put him on his tummy as he was able to lift his head up very well and move side to side. Finally we got some sleep. He’s now 3 months and he’s a big boy (16lbs) and he seems to be wiggling more than ever on his tummy now. Suspect he’s trying to roll but I now feel he’s ready to go back on his back. The issues I have is that he hates swaddles still but he flails his arms and legs everywhere when I put him down on his back. He hates his arms being restricted. He’s going to be growing out of his next to me cot very soon so next transition is a cot bed. I just want to be able to comfortably put him down and for him to sleep on that position. Any advice or people being in simple situations and their solutions would be great. Thanks.

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Disappointedkoala Sat 21-Nov-20 11:34:20

I think many many babies (and adults!) prefer to sleep on their tummies but all the research into SIDS shows that the "back to sleep" campaign has been a factor in reducing deaths. Tbh I think once you've let them sleep that way it's pretty hard to get them back any other way and once he can roll you won't have much choice. Not all babies like swaddles either - my DD didn't so we didn't bother after the first night home from the hospital. If he's trying to roll then a swaddle could be dangerous - have you tried a sleeping bag instead?

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