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Cancelling KIT days

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Mamaofdos Fri 20-Nov-20 00:22:22

I am a high school teacher and I am in an authority which will be tier four as of 6pm tonight.

Has anyone ever cancelled KIT days before?

The stark reality of myself potentially getting the virus and having to separate from my young children is really worrying me.

Not sure how my school would react so if I done this.

Any advice welcome.

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crazymuseummumtobe Fri 20-Nov-20 02:38:54

I think you'd be 100% within your rights. Have school been generally good and understanding and helpful about your mat leave?

porridgeface Fri 20-Nov-20 03:23:18

On my first Mat leave my employer didn't make me go into work for all my kit days. They were happy to let me work from home where I got up to date with latest policy and did online H&S/ IT courses etc.
could you request something similar?

Mamaofdos Fri 20-Nov-20 07:08:42

@crazymuseummumtobe @porridgeface

The school have been very good and I’m glad I’ve went in as I think when I do officially return in January I would have been very overwhelmed with everything.

I just wished I planned my kit days week to week and not planned on using the full ten.

@porridgeface working from home to catch up would be great too. I’ll see what they say today.

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Itsnoteasyfeelingqueasy Fri 20-Nov-20 20:53:36

I’m NHS but my boss said I can use KIT days to catch up on my online learning at home as I said I don’t want to come in because of COVID

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