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Recommendations for high chairs?

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anilnil Tue 17-Nov-20 06:14:25

My DD is 4 months and my mom wants to get her a high chair for a Christmas present but I really have no idea where to start looking or which ones are good. The ones I've seen are all £200 + but my
Mom has found some in the region of £50. So I'm just confused what the differences are ?

Appreciate any help please!

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ShyTown Tue 17-Nov-20 06:23:40

The Ikea one is the easiest to keep clean and I think it’s about £15. If you want something stylish then I’d look at getting a Tripp Trapp. Don’t bother with anything else unless you want to spend your time struggling to clean mystery mush out of awkward crevices.

Goingtogetflamed Tue 17-Nov-20 06:26:54

Ikea! So simple, so good.

DemolitionBarbie Tue 17-Nov-20 06:29:28

Also IKEA.

Do not give someone the gift of a chair that looks good but will take up big chunks of their life cleaning out the fiddly bits!

If Ikea's not fancy enough, you could also get a machine washable splash mat for under and maybe bibs or plates and kiddy cutlery.

mommybear1 Tue 17-Nov-20 06:30:30

Ikea - brilliant

converseandjeans Tue 17-Nov-20 06:39:28


NannyR Tue 17-Nov-20 06:42:23

Ikea definitely, or you might find a second hand tripp trapp for £50. You can buy footrests to add to the antilop from various online companies, which sorts out it's only design flaw, that it doesn't have a footrest built in.

PartoftheProbl3m Tue 17-Nov-20 06:42:43


Twobrews Tue 17-Nov-20 06:44:39

Tripp Trapp, the IKEA one is great but the footprint is massive and we kept tripping over the legs!

Twilightstarbright Tue 17-Nov-20 06:46:20

I'd recommend either an IKEA antilop one (£) or a stokke Tripp trapp (£££). Both easy to store. I'd say 90% of the others are bulky and a waste of money unfortunately.

JoeWicksSurvivor Tue 17-Nov-20 06:47:24

Ikea antilop - easily the best by far so with money saved buy something else you need.

Persipan Tue 17-Nov-20 07:33:58

We have the IKEA Antilop, plus a bamboo footrest from here:

Another handy bonus of the Antilop is that the legs detach really easily, so it's good for visiting family with as you can just take it with you and click together when you get there.

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Tue 17-Nov-20 07:38:14

£200 for a highchair?! That's madness.

The IKEA one is superb. I do like the look of the Tripp Trapp ones but think you only get longevity from them if you live on Instagram - no one I know keeps theirs past the toddler phase.

Itmaybeus Tue 17-Nov-20 07:39:57

I only ever had travel ones for mine. They strap to a normal dining room chair. Definitely got our moneys worth out of them. They then turn into a booster seat. Can dismantle and wash every section in the sink. Can pop in a cupboard when you don't want it on show. Take it on holiday etc with you. Can't recommend a specific one as mine are teens now.

Disappointedkoala Tue 17-Nov-20 07:50:35

There's only two real options - IKEA Antilop or the Tripp Trapp. Opposite ends of the budget spectrum, both great.

Twizbe Tue 17-Nov-20 07:57:02

another vote for Ikea. So easy to use and clean

MaggieFS Tue 17-Nov-20 08:07:45

Agree with pp it's IKEA or Tripp Trapp

We have an IKEA one at my mum's. It does what you need well but look very plastic, have legs that stick out all over the place and DC will grow out of it fairly swiftly.

We have a Tripp Trapp at home. It's fab. Looks decent. Can be pulled up to the dining table to all eat together. Height adjustable so you can use it forever. Yes, expensive but last a lifetime.

Mommabear20 Tue 17-Nov-20 08:11:29

IKEA! We bought this for our daughter and it's great! So simple! My niece and nephew have flashy pretty ones e and theyre a nightmare to clean!

HiHoHiHoBackToSchoolWeGo Tue 17-Nov-20 08:37:19

Agree with most other pp. we started with IKEA high chair and got a Tripp Trapp pretty soon after for both of my two children.

The Tripp Trapp is great and it'll grow with your children (and helpfully provides extra seating) and the benefit of the IKEA high chair is that it's cheap and you can pack it up and take it with you if visiting family for the weekend etc.

I'd definitely recommend the Stokke if you don't travel to visit family-you're also far less likely to fall over it...

HomesUnderTheSpanner Tue 17-Nov-20 08:55:29

I bought a stylish one that looked fairly easy to clean for £70. The problem was that my DS was able to slide the heavy tray off by putting his feet behind the handle so it was a constant battle to stop it thundering to the floor.

We sold it and bought the IKEA one that we should have just bought in the first place! There is nothing better, honestly. I did put wood contact paper on the legs though to make it match our Eames-style dining chairs.

The only other one I'd consider buying which was way over budget when we were looking is the BabyBjorn one which looks amazing. The tray adjusts tight to the baby's body so less mess, and it can be easily folded and put away. I'd get it secondhand but definitely not new (it's about £250 I think!)

Metallicalover Tue 17-Nov-20 10:01:39

Another IKEA vote! Or if you want a foot rest you can buy some form Etsy! Or get the similar one from Asda as it has a foot rest.
Very easy to clean and dismantle (u basically press a button and the legs come off) xx

PenguinErector Tue 17-Nov-20 10:15:06

Another vote for the cheap and cheerful IKEA style.

DC1 had an all singing and dancing contraption that took up so much space and was a bugger to clean all the nooks and crannies.

DC2 had the Asda version of the Antilop (our nearest IKEA is almost 200 miles away!) and it was the best thing we bought. I liked that the legs were adjustable so it could be high or low and that it has an adjustable leg rest included.

Rubyroost Tue 17-Nov-20 10:22:50

Ikea... They must make a bloody bomb off their high chair alone!!

anilnil Tue 17-Nov-20 23:40:49

Thank you all so much! I would have never have thought to go to IKEA so that's me sold!

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