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Sling advice for newborn help! Should we use a newborn specific sling or use the Ergobaby omni 360 from the start for baby wearing around the house?

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Satlie2019 Sun 15-Nov-20 08:44:40

I am lucky that a lovely friend has given be a caboo close to use when our newborn arrives, but having examined it I am a bit scared of the straps and think I would prefer to put the baby in a fully structured sling with buckles.

I am not sure if we will go in for extended baby wearing (I suppose it will depend if out baby likes to be worn and also how strong I become) but I like the idea of having them close for the first few months around the house if they like it and my husband likes the idea of taking them for walks outside with it (I may use their carrycot for walks on my own as I am scared I will trip and hurt them in a sling).

The two slings that appeal to me are the ergobaby embrace (only suitable until around one but apparently you can breastfeed with it on) and the ergobaby omni (maybe in mesh as I am bit worried about babies overheating). The omni is about £50-60 more expensive than the embrace, but can be used for far longer and if our baby likes a sling we are likely to use it at least for country walks for a few years (my husband can carry them). However the embrace is reported to be lovely and soft + good for breast feeding.

Would it be a crazy waste of money to start with an ergobaby embrace and then move onto an eegobaby omni mesh at a later date if we found the baby liked a sling? To me it seems like the embrace will be lovely for baby wearing around the house when they are tiny/need to breastfeed all the time, but an omni mesh 360 would be a great investment for when they are older if they like slings. Alternatively we could buy the more expensive omni 360 to use from newborn and hope they like slings (but I have heard it is tricky to breastfeed in) or I can overcome my fear of the caboo close (that so many people love) and start of using this as I have already been kindly gifted it. Any advice about these slings or others? Would love to hear experiences, thank you!

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FingersXssd83 Sun 15-Nov-20 09:40:39

I bought a sling to start with but couldn't get into it as baby didn't feel secure, I was also worried that he'd choke, and wasn't sure that he was in the correct position so reluctantly gave up on using it.

Move on a month and I bought the Ergo Omni 360. I was toying between that and the Embrace. My OH talked me into getting it as it lasts until age 3. My mum rightly later pointed out that our baby won't be wanting to be carried once they can walk. I got the mesh version, my two month old looks lost in it and you can't really put it on by yourself.

I really need to be able to get the dogs out and walk without the bulk of the pram so I have just bought the Embrace and wish I'd just got this from the start. It's a lovely material, my son has slept every time he's been in it, it feels very secure and you can have them outwards facing at about 6 months. I considered a BabyBjorn Mini but I understand that the Embrace better on the hips.

I'm hoping that my OH will get some use out of the 360. Feel like I've wasted such a lot of money but with sling libraries closed there really isn't another option right now.

Satlie2019 Sun 15-Nov-20 11:06:43

@FingersXssd83 thank you so much for this. That is really helpful information. I am sorry you have had such a nightmare with the slings, but it sounds like you have found what you need now at least. Hopefully you will get some use out of the Omni 360 when your baby is a bit bigger but not fully walking, especially if you have dogs I imagine it will be useful. My husband is very keen to carry them around on country walks for ages, which will be really handy if they don't mind the sling, but I have no idea if our baby will stand for it. It sounds like your baby likes to be in a sling though and the Omni 360 got the Which best buy award. It does sounds amazing, but it just probably is not what I need for our newborn for the first few months.

You have basically confirmed what I was concerned about with regards to the Omni 360. I think I will get the embrace to start with and then if they like to be carried we can move onto the Omni 360. Thank you :-)

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Caspianberg Sun 15-Nov-20 13:56:13

I love the embrace.
We have the embrace and the omni 360 for our 6 month old.
I don’t really get on with the 360 yet as it’s still so bulky and falls off shoulders.
The embrace is comfy and easy to use alone. I use it most days still.

I think the 360 I might use more once he’s bigger and worn on back maybe.

diddlediddle Sun 15-Nov-20 14:02:49

We absolutely loved the omni 360! It can't fall off shoulders because there's a clip on the back between the straps... or you can wear the straps crossed which is what we did when baby was small. I agree that initially as a newborn maybe a wrap style might be more comfy but only for a short period... the omni lasts ages and is the only one I have ever found comfy, it has excellent lumbar support.

JC12345 Sun 15-Nov-20 14:04:56

Slings are quite a personal thing so it might be worth waiting until your baby arrives and then visiting a sling library so you can try some out to see what you like. There are several sling libraries that are operating online so you can hire and get help and advice virtually.

Most people find that stretchy slings like the caboo are good for the first few months then move onto something more structured once the baby is a bit older and has more head control. We used connecta slings from about 4 months and still occasionally use with my 3.5 year olds. Can front and back carry with these. There are other similar things including the ergo but it's worth trying and seeing what you find most comfortable as they don't all suit everyone.

Satlie2019 Sun 15-Nov-20 16:54:22

Thank you all for the advice, really helpful. @JC12345 really agree it is really personal. As @FingersXssd83 says it is more tricky with COVID as we can't use sling libraries, but a very small problem compared to most and I really appreciate all of the advice. Thank you :-)

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HarrietM87 Sun 15-Nov-20 16:54:52

We used the omni 360 from birth and still use it for our 2.5 year old. He’s been walking since 11 months but there are still occasions when it’s handy to put him in the back carry - eg on long muddy walks where we wouldn’t want to bring the pram/on holiday etc. I haven’t tried the embrace but can’t fault the omni 360 - was very supportive for him even as a newborn.

Saying that I’ve just had a second baby and have borrowed a close caboo for her because I will be wearing her in the house a lot more than I did DS (need to be hands free to look after DS whereas I could just hold DS) and for indoors the softer one is probably more comfy for me. The caboo is really easy to wear/adjust/put on so I’d recommend you try it before splashing out on the embrace which is basically another version of the same thing.

I’d steer clear of baby bjorns by the way - everyone I know who had one switched to an ergo baby of some description - they’re nowhere near as supportive.

Satlie2019 Sun 15-Nov-20 18:25:03

@HarrietM87 thank you. Yes maybe you are right, I was a bit freaked by all the material on the close caboo, but I watched a video of it being used and it looks like something you can get the hang off. It certainly is probably easier to learn than a traditional sling. I just liked the idea of something where I could hear a solid click. Things come so quickly in the post now I can always order the embrace if I need it once the baby is born.

I think we absolutely will get the Omni 360 if our baby likes being in a sling for walks outside when they are older, but I want something soft for when they are tiny to wear around the house. I am mainly just scared because I read a report of a baby suffocating in a sling, so I want to get one it is easy to wear correctly (especially as with covid I will not be going to any sling libraries for demonstrations). I am fortunate that I can try the caboo close for free and if I find it too tricky order the ergo embrace. Thanks for all the advice and hope your second baby loves the caboo close.

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EisforElephants Mon 16-Nov-20 12:01:57

I have an Embrace for the early days because it is just so soft and stretchy and cosy feeling, then an Omni 360 in Cool Air Mesh for extended babywearing. I'm really keen to make babywearing work, I think there are so many benefits and the idea of having cuddles while being to get on with things by having my hands free and being able to go for walks without navigating the buggy (we walk over a lot of muddy fields!) etc. all just really appeals to me!

MoreGinPlease2020 Mon 16-Nov-20 12:11:24

It's still worth contacting your local sling library as mine was doing one to ones despite COVID (pre lockdown anyway).

Satlie2019 Mon 16-Nov-20 13:40:15

Yes thank you. I may see if I can visit a sling library after lockdown (depending on when lockdown ends and my baby comes). @01EisforElephants that is basically what I want to be able to do too. Hope it works our for you :-)

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NelliePig Tue 17-Nov-20 04:59:38

Caboo for a tiny newborn here, she loved it, I loved it. We could adjust it to breastfeed in round the house. It's super soft and super stretchy and just felt better for a tiny baby. She went in the 360 from about 8 weeks, and she was still small for it really but I needed the shoulder straps as she was getting heavy by then 🙈

NelliePig Tue 17-Nov-20 05:02:54

If you buy a 360 though (and I wouldn't bother with the embrace first) join the pampers club and you get like 50 or 60 quid off xxxx

LeGrandBleu Tue 17-Nov-20 05:28:33

Be careful. Last year, all Australia was shocked when a newborn died suffocated in a sling.

and sadly he was not the first

GirlCalledJames Tue 17-Nov-20 05:43:46

We bought three different secondhand slings for £10 each with the idea of getting the one we liked new. All three were great at different ages and had lots of life in them so we never bought a new one. Many have lower weight limits so you can’t use them immediately unless you have a big baby. One of mine was a preemie so I used a cloth wrap sling with a specific technique for small babies, it was great.
I breastfed in all three slings, but it’s as much to do with breast size and shape as anything else. Only did it on the underground though, any other time it’s so much nicer to sit or lie down.

Twizbe Tue 17-Nov-20 05:44:14

I had a cloth wrap sling for my second and it was the best thing ever!!!! She was so snug and secure in it. It wasn't too hot (even in winter) I could wear it comfortably under my coat. I could put it on and wear it in the car (not with her in obviously) so I wasn't getting cold fannying around putting her in when we got somewhere.

I could eat in it and pee in it too (did both)

I had a baby bjorn for my eldest and hated it. I think I've used it about 3 times. My husband much preferred that one though.

Caspianberg Tue 17-Nov-20 06:37:04

There is nothing wrong with slings and they are extremely safe as you have baby with you to constantly monitor them and their health.

The problem is with people not wearing them properly. I have seen people locally with small baby face not visible and wearing way too low. Baby face should be visible at all times, and worn high up so you can easily kiss their head, not shoved into your clothing.

A car seat, pram, bouncer, cot, anything can be dangerous if not used properly, yet all are perfectly suitable to use if used properly. Babies have died in many circumstances due to being placed in things and not used or monitored properly.

Caspianberg Tue 17-Nov-20 06:38:36

With my own 6 month old I feel much better when he is in sling as I can just glance at him and check his breathing and temperature. In pram or cot napping I am up and down to check him as he is away from me

Satlie2019 Tue 17-Nov-20 07:11:28

@NelliePig thank you for the money saving tip, I will look into it. I feel a bit more confident about using the caboo close safely having watch the demonstration video. Did you feel it supported your baby's head enough (stupid question I know as I assume you did if you used it - but I can't see very much head support from the video)? I don't think my friend used hers until her baby was a bit older, but I quite like the idea of keeping a new born close.

@Twizbe good tip about the second hand slings to try different ones out. If I don't get on with the caboo close I may try this idea. I am pretty much sold on the Omni 360 for an older baby though.

@Caspianberg completely agree with you about safety. I got completely freaked out about using a co-sleeper bedside crib as I read about the death of tiny baby in one until I read up on it and realised that the poor parents has not had the instructions for it so had inadvertently used it incorrectly. Used incorrectly even car seats are not safe! With slings though I do think there is probably quite a large scope to make mistakes, so I want to make sure I get one that is relatively easy to put on (and also as you say that I learn to wear it safely). Thank you for the advice :-)

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NelliePig Tue 17-Nov-20 07:24:12

@Satlie2019 yes, her head went under the shoulder strap and felt very supported. This is a pic of my other half wearing her at about 3 weeks, but It shows what I mean. I used to unload the dishwasher bent over with her like this. I personally found this method offered better head and neck support than my ergo would do x

NelliePig Tue 17-Nov-20 07:27:50

Those sling deaths are tragic but if you follow the Ticks guidelines (do some reading up) and correctly position baby and make sure they dont overheat etc. Then they really are very safe. Woman all over the globe have worn babies for centuries and the skin to skin can help a newborn feel secure, help to regulate their breathing and their body temperature, so yes the risk is there, but dont let it put you off, just use them safely xx

NelliePig Tue 17-Nov-20 07:30:29

And yes I'm aware she is a bit low down on my other half in this pic, but we lived 5 doors down from his parents and it was the first time he had put it on, on his own 😂😂 she was in it the grand total of 3 minutes haha x

whoami24601 Tue 17-Nov-20 08:03:37

I had a caboo lent for DS1 and loved it so much I bought my own for DS2! Easy to use, comfy and cosy for a newborn. I really liked that I could wear it even when baby wasn't in it - when driving for instance - so I was ready to put him straight in when needed. Having said that they both outgrew it by 4 months. DS1 had the added issue that he was 4 weeks early so too small for it at first! Xx

Tibtab Tue 17-Nov-20 08:26:14

I used to have a soft sling round the house, never breastfed in it as couldn’t work out how! Going for walks I would wear DD in the Omni as it was much more supportive and comfier for my back and shoulders. DD is now 8 months and we wear her in all the positions - back/front carry, she seems happy. The only issue is that the straps are bulky and she does like to chew on them!

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