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I-Size any good for taller toddlers?

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MotherWildling Thu 12-Nov-20 00:29:40

Considering getting an I-Size car seat, probably Cybex Sirona S i-Size (but open to recommendations). Thing is, our two year old has long legs and I'm concerned she might be all scrunched up. Anybody have experience of a taller toddler in a rear facing car seat? T.i.a.

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Wherethereshope Thu 12-Nov-20 05:01:56

They are scrunched up anyway as they get older as there's no where for them to go. But this doesn't seems to matter.

teaandlotusbiscoff Fri 13-Nov-20 08:09:33

A 25KG seat would be better if she’s tall and can last longer too, they can be installed for betyer leg room too. I’m assuming you want to keep her rear facing?

Rear facing car seats

Low budget under £250
Britax two way elite
Axkid move
Britax MaxWay

Middle budget £250-300
Britax multi tech
BeSafe izi plus
Diono radian 5
Avionaut sky

High budget £300+
Axkid MiniKid
Britax MaxWay plus
Klippan Century
Klippan Opti-29–this one actually goes up to 32kg so very long lasting, although it does have a height limit of 125cm which is a bit hmm
Axkid one—very expensive ay £600 and only up to 23kg and the only isofix one


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