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Periods, Breastfeeding, HELP!!!!

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Kate3150 Thu 12-Nov-20 15:51:09

@Razpoot- thanks for replying. Not on any contraceptives no. I’m getting really down as I just want my period to arrive, I hate being in limbo. X

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Razpoot Thu 12-Nov-20 10:09:42

Are you on any contraceptives e.g. mini pill? Im breastfeeding and on the mini pill and sometimes I get periods with little blood at all but still the feelings of it

Kate3150 Thu 12-Nov-20 08:04:30


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Kate3150 Wed 11-Nov-20 16:35:41

My DS is now 11months, I had a period 6 1/2 weeks ago (first one PP). He still breastfeeds quite a lot...
Anyway... I’ve been feeling like another period is coming, yesterday I had a small bleed and felt like I was “on” my period. Feeling hot, headache etc... but then it seemed to stop. I’m getting so fed up as feel like I have PMS symptoms like most of the time but nothing comes of it- HELP!
PS. I’m not pregnant from last period X

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