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Crafts for 1yo?

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WindFlower92 Wed 11-Nov-20 09:58:30

Got a 17mo here, and I want to get started on doing some arts and crafts with her! I know she does stuff at nursery but everytime I look at paints etc. it says suitable for 3+ only! What kinds of things can I do with her and where can I buy the things? Not worried at all about how messy she gets grin

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WindFlower92 Thu 12-Nov-20 12:01:55

Bumping for ideas!

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Lazypuppy Thu 12-Nov-20 12:04:15

We've always used paints 🤷‍♀️

CheesePleaseLoueese Thu 12-Nov-20 12:08:47


I've bought these for my almost 2 year old . I just supervise her of course when she's using them... They are mess free! Big roll of paper gets laid out on the kitchen table and off she goes...

I'm also considering buying her a stamping set (Melissa and Doug do some cute ones)

Thatwentbadly Thu 12-Nov-20 12:19:01

My youngest is the same age. I use paint, just don’t let her eat them. Tip for poster paint is to mix in a squirt of washing up liquid as it makes it easier to wash off. We also do play dough, lots and lots of drawing with pens and pencil - crayola do washable felt tips and stickers are good too. Sticking with ova glue and glue stick.

Have a look on Pinterest for ideas.

WildCherryBlossom Thu 12-Nov-20 12:25:50

Water painting mats are great at that age. One of mine stuck everything in her mouth until she was nearly 3 so things like paint and play dough, although not actually toxic were problematic.

This sort of thing (there are lots available - you can also get reusable colouring books). Great for exploring shape, colour, developing fine motor skills etc etc

Disappointedkoala Thu 12-Nov-20 13:32:21

Those little Brian paint sticks are great! I have a little tub of crayons, paper, some stickers, a pot of foam shapes and a pritt stick out at all times so DD can craft whenever she feels like it - does depend on whether they're likely to draw on your walls though. We had multiple poor attempts at painting at that age, things like play doh or dry messy play went down much better. Aquadoodle mat is a good buy and largely mess free.

FizzingWhizzbee123 Thu 12-Nov-20 13:45:18

You can make your own edible paints etc quite easily

welshgreenmum Fri 13-Nov-20 11:39:56

When mine was this age I’d let her loose on some tissue paper and put down some paper with glue on for her to stick the bits she torn up to. Also seen this done with pom poms. It’s great for their fine motor skills.

viques Fri 13-Nov-20 11:54:23

I think at that age that craft experiences are more to do with touch and texture, so instead of trying to think of crafting things (which will be heavily directed by you so not even very creative) I would be trying to give your child more sensory play. Soft home made play dough, warm water with lots of bubbles and objects to pour or fill, cold water with ice blocks(save that one for the summer) , mixed up with water cornflour, sand in a washing up bowl, wet or dry.

If you want to do painting then try putting blobs of paint on to a non absorbent surface (eg tape a plastic bag onto a table) then let the child swirl the paint together with their fingers, if you need a “picture” you can take a print of the end result onto paper. Or take a photo .

PollyPocket245 Fri 13-Nov-20 12:08:43

Edible paints and maybe cut up apples and different vegetables and use them like stamps. You could maybe get some plain cushion covers or apron and have her decorate it

Amymac5 Fri 13-Nov-20 12:43:48

Also recommend the paint sticks they’re so vibrant. The Works also does them

BertieBotts Fri 13-Nov-20 12:52:31

What do you think is going to happen at 3 that means the paints are unsafe for her now? I think it's just legal arse covering. I would use them but under supervision of course and try to avoid her eating too much of it.

But I don't think a 17mo is likely to be very able to do much with paints as it is quite tricky for them. We did chunky felt tips at that age with good success.

helloxhristmas Fri 13-Nov-20 14:10:22

Should be saved for paid childcare...

Paints are fine as long as they dont drink them, simple baking, make play dough, stickers.

WindFlower92 Fri 13-Nov-20 15:10:35

Thanks all!

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SophieW1967 Sat 27-Feb-21 03:13:36

I' m an artist myself and often use art equipment from the likes of The Works or even stuff made for the younger market.I bought some brilliant paint sticks on Amazon ( think of slightly larger than a lipstick ,a non toxic very highly pigmented paint suspended in a lovely almost lip balm texture) The paint sticks are called ' Little Brians' & come in a big yellow cardboard tube & work out at only about 50 p each about 39 or so in my tube.
One thing you might enjoy with your child is to buy some ' fabric dye sticks' only £2.30 fir 12 on Amazon UK!! All they do is draw someghing on a piece of thin photocopy paper & get a plain white tee- shirt and put a puece of paoer or cardboard insude the shirt & then face down out the licture on tge white shirt & iron it & your child will have a beautiful bespoke tee-shirt ..give it another quick iron & it will wash well without running.
I used to work with adults & children with bith learning disabilities ,physical disabilities and they made some fabhlous pillow cases ,cotton bags & loveky summer tee- shirts..Have fun!😊👍xx

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