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Potty training

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Ste7hunt Wed 11-Nov-20 06:49:16

Any tips with getting our daughter to do a number 2 on the potty or toilet. Uses it fine for wee's and takes herself off to do them and has done for about 4 months but is still refusing to do a number 2 on it. Insists on having a nappy on. Literally has a breakdown about it. Gets herself all in a state. Everyone says she will do it when she is ready but how long do we wait as like I say it's been at least 4 months now. We have tried saying she will get a treat and allsorts but still won't

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footprintsintheslow Wed 11-Nov-20 07:04:00

I've heard putting a nappy in the potty works for some. So they poo on the nappy.

Does she have a regular time to poo? Would she sit on the potty for a couple of stories at poo time just to see what happens?

What would happen if you ran out of nappies and there was no option?

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