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Similac milk - alimentum

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Itllbeaninterestingchristmas Sun 22-Nov-20 04:43:53

They can have both a cows milk problem and a sick problem as mine does. Dd is bf and has cmpa, we were topping up with neocate for awhile but she won’t take it anymore. She was also prescribed carobel to thicken feeds which she now won’t take anymore. We sit her up for half an hour after feeds which seems to work in keeping the majority of the feed down. She does over eat as well which doesn’t help. We get through many bibs and clothes in a day. Dummy does help I found as the constant sucking keeps the milk down

EOP2020x Sun 22-Nov-20 04:16:57

Thank you both!

She seems more settled but unfortunately is still being very sick after most bottles. There's probably one feed a day where she isn't sick.

She can sometimes be sick during/straight after a feed, or like 3-4 times after a feed before her next one, just at any time.

She doesn't seem uncomfortable and is putting on weight etc but I can't lie her down on her back at any point for long which is a struggle and I panic about her choking on sick.

Is this normal? 😩

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toiletpaper Wed 11-Nov-20 09:02:43

Good luck op, it's absolute hell to see them in pain. I don't miss those days! thanks

Tinks15 Wed 11-Nov-20 09:00:38

Hope it helps OP & it gets better for you soon flowers

EOP2020x Wed 11-Nov-20 08:57:26

@toiletpaper that's what the doctor has most recently prescribed me (after 100 other things 🙄) so picking that up today to try 😊 they've said they think it's colic most recently but they've also said reflux and intolerance as well as 'this is what babies do'.

Like you said @Tinks15 you know they're in pain/discomfort! I've been so many times and some of the drs are getting impatient with me but I don't care, it's horrible to see and difficult to deal with when I cant console her.

We've started the similac last night, hoping to see a difference. Will also be starting the colief in a few days as will be unsure which is working.

It's so difficult 😩 thank you both!

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Tinks15 Wed 11-Nov-20 08:50:50

I can’t remember exactly as it was few years ago now but I think it was a good few days/week that I noticed a difference.
The first 4 months was hell with what I thought was colic but it could of been the intolerance. We tried every milk under the sun we didn’t get prescribed the similac until about 4 months we were just going round & round in circles with doctors/health visitors. At the time being a first time mum you just listened to what they tell you all the time, when looking back now I wished i had pushed more & told them enough is enough you need to help me. Instead of them keep saying try this try it’s so frustrating when your clearly seeing your baby in discomfort constantly & your barely getting any sleep because of it all.

Do what you think is best OP.

toiletpaper Wed 11-Nov-20 00:48:37

I don't know if they still make it as DC are 7 and 10 but if it might be a colic thing I swore by colief for both of mine. It worked absolute wonders.

EOP2020x Wed 11-Nov-20 00:41:18

@Tinks15 oh I'm glad to hear that! Well I wrote more detail in another post (quite long though lol) we've seen so many different doctors who keeps saying different things. One did prescribe similac but the health visitor suggested sticking to cow and gate with carobel milk thickener first. This didn't help. So we didn't really give the similac a chance.

How long would you say it took to notice a difference? I don't want her changing milks if she doesn't need to but everything else has not worked! X

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Tinks15 Tue 10-Nov-20 23:08:11

Poor little thing. Take her to your GP OP, my DD1 was like this & she got prescribed similac she was tons better.

EOP2020x Tue 10-Nov-20 22:29:01


My 5 week old (see prev post) has been struggling with what seems to be either wind or stomach pains

She's started being sick after most bottles now, used to be a bit of spit up, now is sometimes projectile.

Has anyone tried similac milk? I'm wondering if she has an intolerance to cow&gate or dairy. Just wanted some 'reviews' of it to see if it helps as she is screaming most of the time she's awake now and is instantly uncomfortable after a bottle


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