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Newborn gags on pacifier/dummy, but seems to be asking for it?

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EOP2020x Tue 10-Nov-20 03:57:00


My 5 week old daughter is quite fussy at the moment with wind/stomach issues/colic (not 100% sure which!) And the only thing that seems to calm her down is a dummy (when she's not hungry).

She opens her mouth as if she's asking for food/trying to find the breast, or sucks on my shoulder or her hands so when she's not hungry or refuses a bottle I give her the dummy.

I'm confused because she opens her mouth and I put her dummy in, and she wriggles around as if she's struggling to latch onto it almost, and then gets really agitated and screams. She starts gagging on it so I take it out but she's still opening her mouth and asking for 'something' but not food. Once she actually latches on, her eyes almost roll back into her head and she looks really comforted and goes a bit mad on it

Anyone know why/had a similar thing?

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ScatterBrain912 Tue 10-Nov-20 20:36:07

My little girl (also 5 weeks) gags on hers sometimes, I find she does it if I've put it in too quickly and she's not 100% ready for it.
I rub the teat on her bottom lip just inside her mouth, this seems to encourage her to move forward onto the dummy. My thoughts are my nipple doesn't get suddenly shoved into her mouth, it gets rested just outside and then she decides to latch on. I hope something I've said helps, and if not then I hope you find the solution for your girl. Congratulations by the way, I hope you're getting on well with your daughter ☺️

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