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Hate the newborn stage

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Hotchocolate123 Wed 04-Nov-20 09:16:22

Just so everyone knows I am so thankful to have two healthy little girls and love them so much.
Just wondering if anyone else feels/felt the same as me.
I have a 16 month old and a 7 day old newborn.
Does anyone else absolutely hate the newborn stage or is it just me? I am already counting down the days to when she gets to 6 months.

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gigi556 Wed 04-Nov-20 09:17:10


ApplestheHare Wed 04-Nov-20 09:18:05

I hated it with both my girls. We have so much fun now they're older. You have my sympathy. The newborn stage is hard and boring despite the love you have for them flowers

OnlyFoolsnMothers Wed 04-Nov-20 09:18:41

Nope sorry i hated the 1-2yr stage, newborn stage allowed me to be lazy and take the baby where I wanted!

JumpingJamboree Wed 04-Nov-20 09:19:03

Yep. I didn't really enjoy being a mum until about the 6 week mark. It is so relentless when they are tiny.

chelle862 Wed 04-Nov-20 09:23:38

I had my little girl 11 days ago and I love it. I love caring for her, feeding her, cuddles. It's other people I can't stand!

RachelRosie Wed 04-Nov-20 09:24:12

Yep, me too. I only have one so wonder if I would relax and enjoy it more the second time round, but not enough to put it to the test haha
Looking back there are loads of positives for the newborn stage but when you are in the thick of it its tough! Congratulations on your new addition and hang on in there x

user1493413286 Wed 04-Nov-20 09:25:56

Yep me too; it was the sleep deprivation that I couldn’t cope with and not knowing what they wanted me when they cry. I found from 6 weeks it started getting better

PeggyMoo Wed 04-Nov-20 09:26:01

I didn’t enjoy it at all the first time but more relaxed the second time so enjoying it more - it is what it is, you can’t do a lot - so just have to go with it. And it will be over before you know it!

Rubyroost Wed 04-Nov-20 09:27:06

I've got a 8 month old and I'm hanvjerung after the new born stage alteadg. Csnt have another though, I'm done. 😭

Rubyroost Wed 04-Nov-20 09:27:32

Hankering already 🤦‍♀️

AriettyHomily Wed 04-Nov-20 09:29:11

I absolutely hated it. Groundhog Day as infinitum. I was so bored.

Hotchocolate123 Wed 04-Nov-20 09:35:31

So glad it isn't just me!! I feel like everyone says that I'll miss these days, but it's the sleep deprivation, crying and constant changing nappies. I much prefer it when they can laugh and smile, and start to move around!

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Letsallscreamatthesistene Wed 04-Nov-20 12:44:29

I hated it. Im not having another because of it.

Hotchocolate123 Wed 04-Nov-20 12:51:20

@Letsallscreamatthesistene I can completely understand why people don't have another!! In films, the babies always sleeping, and has a feed, and sleeps straight away when put down... But it is nothing like that!!
It's the main reason why I have had another so soon after my daughter so I can finish with the newborn phase for good!!

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whoareyouIwonder Wed 04-Nov-20 12:55:27

Totally understand.

I did enjoy the newborn stage, but I think I was on a natural adrenaline.

DS is so much more fun now he's 2 and is chatting away

WoahHeyThere Wed 04-Nov-20 13:23:13

Hated it with my first, he had severe reflux and just used to cry non stop really. He's 4 now but still a handful, always needs attention and always whining about something 😂

Second time around I've loved it. For the first 2 months DS2 just fed, pooped and slept. He's almost 6 months now and still a very easy going baby.

happymummy12345 Wed 04-Nov-20 13:26:18

I loved the newborn stage. Was the best bit for me

MellowBird85 Wed 04-Nov-20 13:31:07


I hated it. Im not having another because of it.


sunflowershine Wed 04-Nov-20 13:37:57

I found the newborn stage- well the first year- so so hard! First time harder than the second.

1 year + got much easier and I now have a 4 year old and a 2 year old and I love it! They're fab ages (even though everyone says toddlers are horrors, I'd take five of them over small babies).

I did have babies who had terrible reflux, screamed an awful lot and didn't sleep though. Now they both sleep 12 hours a night and they 2 year old still naps 2 hours a day. Winning at life these days wink

TwoZeroTwoZero Wed 04-Nov-20 13:45:17

I hated motherhood until my youngest was about 2 or 3. Even now I feel it has about 1:4 bad days to good.

Greenppo Wed 04-Nov-20 13:51:32

Only really started enjoying it at 2/2.5. Babies are hard and I had good sleepers 😬

mistermagpie Wed 04-Nov-20 13:58:49

Yep, it's bloody awful generally. I've got three children and hated it the first two times until they were about 8 months and then I liked it. I remember saying to the HV that it was a bit like having an ungrateful pet...

With my third baby I loved it, no idea why but she was my definite last and a very easy baby so maybe that's it?

Newborns are hard work, demanding and you don't get much back. You can never figure out what's wrong with them so it's all trial and error and it can be a bit thankless. I think a lot of people feel like this though so you are not alone!

WildHorsesRunInMe Wed 04-Nov-20 14:13:17

I have a 20 month old son. He was a very unsettled baby up until he was about 1. It was really hard going so I understand your post. He's still quite whiny now and needs a lot of stimulation as he gets bored very quick but it's a lot easier than those early months.

xxxemzyxxx Wed 04-Nov-20 16:26:21

My DS is 6 weeks old today and I can say that I have not enjoyed the newborn phase!

A few people have mentioned that things start getting a bit easier at the 6 week mark so I am hoping this will be true for us!

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