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Any German / French speakers around Gloucester / Cheltenham?

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sloppysoupdragon Mon 15-Oct-07 23:17:25

we have just moved to Gloucester and I am keen for my children to have contact with native German and French speaking children ( and also to brush up my own rusty language skills. It would be good to know.

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emkana Mon 15-Oct-07 23:18:09

Hello! I live in Gloucester and I am German.

How old are your children?

cheeset Mon 15-Oct-07 23:30:19

Hi, I live in Cheltenham.

I know a french mum who runs a French Speaking class for french children on a Saturday at St Mary's Playgroup in Lyefield Road East, Cheltenham. I dont want to give her number out but try the Playgroup.She and another mum rent the hall, not too sure what time it is.
Good Lucksmile

sloppysoupdragon Tue 16-Oct-07 22:33:40

Hi emkana and cheeset thanks for your messages. My kids are Grace (5) and Alex (1.5) I will certainly go along on Saturdays although at the moment all we are doing is learning songs and asking for ice cream in French ( my German used to be pretty good - in fact I picked up a bavarian accent at one point! but is now extremely rusty, and needs some attention if I am go do any work with my kids on it!

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cheeset Wed 17-Oct-07 16:14:24

Hi sloppysoupdragon, the french lady is called Anique and she is lovely. Grace is the perfect age as another little girl there has just turned 6 last week and they can have a little play in informal

sloppysoupdragon Wed 17-Oct-07 21:22:23

Hi Cheeset
thanks for your message I was wondering if there would just be tots there so knowing there is another girl around GRaces age is great. Thanks for your help x

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cheeset Wed 17-Oct-07 21:25:39

sloppysoupdragon, where have you moved from? What do you think of Gloucester?

sloppysoupdragon Fri 19-Oct-07 09:00:22

Hi Cheeset, have just moved from Oxford ( well five miles outside ) Gloucester has some lovely bits to it, - just starting to discover it really. We are really looking forward to exploring it but we don't really know anyone who lives locally yet. We are looking forward to going to that nursery when we have settled in! (grin) ( havent mastered the smileys yet )

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cheeset Sun 21-Oct-07 19:36:19

Hi SSD,I used to work in Oxford. Along with another friend, we helped set up 'The Oxford Jean Company' next to the Student Union opposite the Nosebag restaurant, back in the early 90's. I lived in Kidlington, Headington and Cowley.

I found it hard being away from my family but at least I was with a friend and I was only there for a yr & half. It was nice to come back to Cheltenham because I love living here anyway and would miss it wherever I was.

Just takes time to settle in and you are bound to make lots of friends with the school mums and toddler groups and on mnsmile

sloppysoupdragon Mon 22-Oct-07 21:59:25

Hi Cheeset
thanks for your message - in fact we used to live in Old Marston and then Yarnton! I know the store you mean too. well well... You are a friendly lot on MN and I am sure you are right about toddler groups and school mums.

I am looking forward to checking out Cheltenham a bit more too. What is it like for pubs / restaurants ? ( I'm getting a bit long in the tooth for clubs )

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cheeset Sat 03-Nov-07 10:43:31

Hi Soup, I go to the Montpellier end of town if I go out and go to the 'The Retreat' and the 'Beehive' pubs. If clubbing, 'Subtone' which is on the Promenade or the 'Two Pigs' which is just off the high street opposite Primark.Don't club very much now!

Restaurants-'The Cafe Rouge' on the Promenade, or 'That Mexican Place' on Winchcombe Street on the corner.


sloppysoupdragon Mon 12-Nov-07 20:55:47

thanks Cheeset,

will check them out.

' smile ' still working on the smileys....

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chatterschachtel Fri 16-Nov-07 14:22:55

Hi, I'm a bit further away about 15 mins from Stow in Warwickshire - would this be too far away? We are bringing up our son bilingually in German/English. My husband and I are both half German. It would be great for our boy to have contact with other German speaking children (not just his parents!) Is anyone prepared to meet up half way say?

frenchspeaker123 Tue 19-May-20 16:33:41

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