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1 year old won’t drink anything but milk

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[AUTO]wyjajkdx5jtf6 Mon 02-Nov-20 11:37:29


My little boy has just gone one. We have been offering him a sippy cup consistently since around 6 months but he has never taken to it.

He’s basically off milk now except from his bottle in the morning and at night. He eats really well through the day, three meals and has snacks but he just refuses water.

We have tried him with diluted juice but he still isn’t interested. He will take a mouthful and when he realises it isn’t milk it isn’t happening.

We did try from his bottle when he was poorly and needed more fluids but that was a no go as well he just does not like it.

He doesn’t seem overly bothered and he isn’t dehydrated.

Should I just keep trying and it happens when it happens or should I start to be concerned? (Although I’m not sure what else I can do if I am concerned!) any tricks welcomed!

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IEat Mon 02-Nov-20 22:08:14

Perceverance. Boring but it pays off in most cases.
How long will he stay on the bottle before that goes and he moves onto a cup?
Got my ds to throw his bottle in the bin and he went onto a soppy cup.
Could try a plastic cup with his favourite TV character on it.. Sets come with a plate, cup and cutlery, then loads of praise. Offer other drink and praise him whenever he drinks some.

[AUTO]wyjajkdx5jtf6 Tue 03-Nov-20 09:06:24

Thank you! I hadn’t thought about taking him off his bottle all together to be honest.

We will persevere! He likes to play with his sippy cup just not drink from it.

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