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Is this normal?

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Kaceywd Sat 31-Oct-20 23:31:57

Hi all,
My son is 10 weeks old and feeds are getting more difficult each day. He's a very curious little boy and always looks around the problem is he does it during feeding(ff) "and spits the bottle out by mistake. Lately he has started trying to grab the bottle but he pushes it out of his mouth. The problem is, the second the bottle leaves his mouth before he's done, he starts screaming and crying and is so beyond himself it takes him hours to realise the bottle is on his lips. This has been going on all day and night for about two weeks now and I'm exhausted. What's worst is that he doesn't nap because of this and by the time he calms down and is really hungry its been two hours and I need to make a new bottle. I wouldn't mind the waste if we were paying but he's on prescription formula and I can't justify all these calls for more milk. Please help x

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Esthermoo01 Sat 31-Oct-20 23:59:15

Could he need to be moved up to the next test? Maybe he's frustrated that he's not getting the milk as quickly as he wants and it's too much effort with a slow flow teat? X

Kaceywd Sun 01-Nov-20 04:51:55

@Esthermoo01never thought of that! I'll give it a go thank you! x

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MsChatterbox Sun 01-Nov-20 05:01:42

Yes to new teat and also feed him facing out so he can have a nose whilst eating

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