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Grandparents Visits

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NewDaddyo Fri 30-Oct-20 23:16:01


So I have 2 kids and am working from home due to COVID.

We've been coping fine but my MIL (who is close with my wife- they speak about 5 times a day) is getting a bit overbearing with wanting to visit my home to see the kids.

She is respectful of social distancing but as the virus continues and the advice is to not have home visits, I don't feel comfortable letting people in (so I haven't)

We have all grandparents with us and my parents understand and am happy to just do FaceTime. My FIL is great and happy to accept whatever or just meet outside whenever is possible.

It's just my MIL keeps putting emotional pressure (in my opinion) to make my wife feel guilty. For instance she continuously uses her friends who are also grandparents as examples and what they are doing and how they are flouting the rules to convince my wife to feel like whatever is then suggested is not as bad.

Our kids are very young and I am very protective and cautious but how do we find a good solution where I am not getting in between my MIL and wife by wanting to keep my kids protected.

I have suggested park walks or just meeting outdoors but it seems what my MIL wants to do is come over for hours weekly and not socially distance with the kids. All the other grandparents respect our boundaries so how best do you deal with one?


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GrumpyHoonMain Fri 30-Oct-20 23:57:37

Have you heard your mil out the pressure on? Or is it all via your wife?

NewDaddyo Sat 31-Oct-20 00:15:29


Well as they speak so often, I'm usually in the room and my wife will tell me (as she will sometimes feel upset or put in an uncomfortable position)

But every call usually leads to trying to make some sort of arrangement that involves her visiting or meeting up. all other GP apply zero pressure. My wife's problem is she has spent so long attached to her mom, she doesn't want to ever disappoint her now she has her own kids and she doesn't want her to feel rejected (even though this would be in the interest of safety).

All pretty understandable to be honest. But it's all pretty hard at present which I resent

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