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Best buggy/pram for 2 under 2

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lucieinthesky Fri 30-Oct-20 13:40:59

What have people found worked well for getting about with 2 under 2?

Second baby is due in Feb when my eldest will be 21 months. For my first, we had a Mamas and Papas xt2 travel system which was fine while he was tiny but pretty heavy duty compared to others on the market, clunky to fold down (it didn't really fold down much at all) and difficult to fit in the car. We've now sold this.

Reluctant to get a double buggy because I can see that being even more bulky to get around with. If we do go down that route I'd prefer one with them 'stacked' rather than side by side, as our hallway is quite small in itself.

I had toyed with the idea of getting a Yoyo with a newborn insert, and having either the baby in a sling and toddler in the yoyo, or baby in the yoyo and toddler on a buggy board, but in reality I don't know if the toddler can be trusted!

Any recommendations, experiences, ideas welcome! I hardly know anyone in real life with this age gap so really hoping someone can help.

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