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How to get a 8 month old baby to sleep in his own bed

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Rachaelf37 Fri 30-Oct-20 10:39:32

Hi, I've got in a tricky position,my own fault, where my baby expects to sleep next to me.

He has a bed time routine, eat, bath, story. He has never been a great sleeper in terms of never sleeping through. He's breastfed and still likes a few small feeds in the night.

As time went on I fed him lay down and now he's used to sleeping next to me. When I put him in his cot he will go to sleep in there sometimes if I stay next to him. He tends to wake after an hour or less crying and thrashing about. This then repeats throughout the night until I put him in bed with me then he sleeps much longer. My partner is getting fed up as to keep the baby safe he sleeps in another room. In the cot he has a owl that plays bedtime music and has a light. That helps initially getting him to sleep but not resettling him later.

The main problem is when he wakes up in his cot he thrashes about and cries and feels around for me then often turns over and whacks his head on the side of the cot. I just don't know what else to do to get him to settle and stay in his cot. Any tips appreciated. There's no room for a next to me crib or that might of been ideal.

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