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5 month old sleep

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Mio1994 Thu 29-Oct-20 10:25:35


So my DS is 5 months old and he sleeps well at night, going to bed at 8pm, waking around 4am for a feed then sleeping until around 7am. I do have some issues though.

When it comes to napping, he sleeps on me. I have put him down in his cot in the past but since the sleep regression he will wake up in about half an hour then be grumpy. I feel like I'm failing him because I'm almost too scared to put him down and him wake up too early.

I also rock him and feed him to sleep. I know these are bad sleep associations but it's the only way I can get him off!

He is teething at the moment, so that makes it harder. When he wakes from a nap he will not go back to sleep.

Also, he will always wake up at 5am and he will only go back to sleep if he cosleeps with me for the last 2 hours.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to curb these habits? I don't mind any of it tbh but I know it's better for him in the long run to not rely on any of this.


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Caspianberg Thu 29-Oct-20 10:45:47

I’m in the same boat ( although we have terrible night sleep as well).

Naps are better now in pram, could you try?

It’s tricky isn’t it. I’m trying to spread out night feeds, but he seems to have a bit of a cold and teething so I end up just feeding him as often as he asks as he’s so snuffle and I don’t know if teeth causing him pain.

I also feed to sleep every night. I do t actually have an issue with this. There aren’t 10 year olds out there feeding to sleep still, I think they will just outgrow it. Actually he has the last week or two stopped feeding, then fallen asleep from half awake in cot so he’s going the right way.

I would say if it works for now, don’t break it. Only fix it when it’s a problem for you.

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