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2 year old become emotional and clingy

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Spottybluepyjamas Wed 28-Oct-20 22:43:33

My son (almost 2) is exactly the same! In fact I'm writing this while I lie next to his cot stroking his hair to try to get him back to sleep after he woke up screaming earlier this evening.

Weirdly he also hates the happy birthday song - starts shaking his head and saying 'no' when it's being sung and then starts crying! I don't have any advice I'm afraid, but you're not alone! I've never heard of any other toddlers hating the happy birthday song, but separation anxiety is fairly common around this age so I hear. Good luck, hopefully it'll pass soon thanks

Disappointedkoala Wed 28-Oct-20 22:32:49

I think being 2 is just really hard sometimes and it's currently such a weird time for all of us. My DD is nearly 3 and I feel like the last year has just been a whirlwind of every possible emotion, often in the space of a few minutes. DD is a late talker but as she expresses herself more it does feel like it's getting a bit easier. I try to label emotions with her so "oh you seem sad" or "that is frustrating" so it's starting to help understand these often big feelings. I found the "how to talk to little kids" book useful even if I barely manage to put any of it into practice!

bananainpjs Wed 28-Oct-20 22:10:44

Bump. Anyone?

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bananainpjs Wed 28-Oct-20 14:51:37


Just wondered if anyone can help me or advise me or just tell me it’s normal!

Since my DS has turned 2 in September, he seems to have had a complete personality change. It’s not even the terrible two’s.

He changed to the Over 2 room in nursery 4 weeks ago and he can’t seem to settle. He used to love going to nursery but now he cries and says he doesn’t want to go. Before he used to be excited. He had to shield during lockdown and even when he went back in August, he was so happy and settled back really well.

The new room is totally different room, different workers and he’s been split from his friends due to Corona so they have their own little bubbles. But it’s been a month now and he still doesn’t seem like he enjoys it much. The nursery has a camera system so I know that they are engaging with him, being loving towards him but he seems to be having meltdowns in the morning or towards the end of the day. They do tell us but I don’t know what to do? They said it could be the room change but what can they do?

He also seems to be waking up during the night again, crying for cuddles and wanting to come into our bed. We let him, give him lots of kisses and cuddles etc. We are very loving towards him (maybe a bit too much but don’t know if that’s an issue??).

He seems like he’s going through some sort of separation anxiety again. I don’t know if this phase is common at 2 years old?

Also he gets really upset at the Happy Birthday song, I don’t know why!! He can’t string sentences or express himself yet so I can’t even ask him why.

I don’t know what to do! I feel so sad for him. He seems like he’s got toddler depression or something. He was such a happy confident child to now a child who is apprehensive, gets upset easily etc.

I don’t know whether lockdown didn’t help as he had to shield and didn’t see much of anyone! But he went back to nursery in August and he was fine.

The change seems to have coincided with the nursery room change, him turning 2 etc.

Help!! sad

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