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Typical day with an 11 week old?

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Chocchoc88 Mon 26-Oct-20 09:30:49

Just that really! My first DS is 11 weeks old today and wondered how your days there a routine? No routine?

Just when I thought we’d had things figured out with naps/feeds and bed, we’ve had a really rough couple of days with him going back to a lot of cluster feeding during the night, cat napping and being super whingey!

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Goatsdorhone Mon 26-Oct-20 15:48:45

Hi - my DD is approaching 11 weeks and her naps between feeds are definitely becoming shorter and she's been more grizzly as well. She seems to have reverted to feeding every three hours during the day (she was going for four hours for a good few weeks until recently). But she is v good at night, tending to sleep for good 6-8 hour stretches.
I am struggling a little with what to do with her during awake time though - she can spit up quite a bit so putting her down on her play mat is usually a bit of a messy disaster! She seems to like playing with a spinny toy bar on her bouncer chair but only for a couple of minutes when it all seems to get too much for her!

Itsnoteasyfeelingqueasy Mon 26-Oct-20 22:56:33

My baby is 13 weeks and we are roughly in this kind of routine ( formula fed)
7 am awake, feed
7.30 bare bum time in gym ( her not me 🤣) then I dress her
8 am nap ( I have breakfast)
8.40 or when she wakes I shower while she is watching and music is on
9-10 maybe sits in bouncer while I do some jobs. She might watch some baby TV!
10 feed
10.30 go out somewhere for a walk or go to my mums etc usually naps around now
1pm feed
2pm I try to dedicate the afternoon to sitting holding her while she sleeps and I do some phone admin or watch tv.
5pm feed
6pm Bath
7pm feed
7.30 sleep on me or occasional in crib
Evenings are all over the place, could sleep on me all evening or spend all evening screaming.
10pm feed, change bed

PurpleRain25 Tue 27-Oct-20 00:08:48

My baby is 11 weeks and 3 days so sort of in the same boat smile we have fallen in to a bit of a routine, but it can change some days! Although it has been good to have a rough idea of how the day might go. This may be really long winded but typical day:

8am - awake, change nappy, feed, bit of a play and then back down to sleep (I just keep her in her sleepsuit, I'll sometimes go back to sleep myself or have a coffee in bed!)
9.30am - awake, change nappy, get dressed for day, bring her to kitchen with me while I do dishwasher/laundry etc.
11am - feed, usually try and get out for a walk around this time and she will start dozing off
12pm - back down to sleep for around 2 hours
2pm - awake, change nappy, feed, bit of play time in bouncer/playmat
3pm - usually falls asleep for a shorter nap here
4.30pm - bring her out to kitchen with me while I make dinner (put toys in front of her/talk to her as I'm cooking to keep her entertained!)
5pm - change nappy, feed before we get our dinner, put her in her chair out in the kitchen beside us while we eat
6pm - usually sleeps a couple of hours
8pm - awake, change, feed, play (she is always up for some fun at this time! So we will just talk and play with her)
9pm - bath, sometimes will doze off afterwards for a short sleep
11pm - last feed of the night, put her in her next to me crib and she is usually asleep by about 11.30pm and will sleep through to morning.

She does go up to bed which suits us the moment, but I would imagine bath and bedtime will start creeping earlier and earlier gradually! I dont think it is anything we have necessarily done that has set the routine, she kind of just adapted to it herself so fingers crossed your DS has just had a rough couple of days and will settle himself in to a nice routine smile

PurpleRain25 Tue 27-Oct-20 00:12:58

*she does go up to bed quite late
Is what that was supposed to say!

BGDino Tue 27-Oct-20 07:33:02

My DD is 3 months old but born 6 weeks early so is probably about 11 weeks development wise.

We haven't got the hang of having us in a routine yet. Basically we let her sleep when she wants to sleep, when she wakes up we feed her (formula) if she's hungry - she goes anywhere between 3 to 5 hours between feeds. Gets changed before or after feeding and whenever is needed in between. Playtime and bath time if she's alert and happy, otherwise let her sleep. Going out if we need/want to. Sleeps in bassinet which we roll around the house as needed. Very occasionally in my arms on couch in witching hour in evening if not able to be consoled (am typing this one handed right now). Always needs a feed between 3-5AM so no sleeping through just yet.

Very aware that this arrangement only works for several reasons:
1. She is a pretty chilled baby
2. She is formula fed
3. I am at home on mat leave
4. DH does his fair share, including nights (he is used to being woken in the night then having to go to work as his job has on calls)
5. My mum is 5min drive away and is helping out a lot
6. DD doesn't seem to mind being in the pram or napping in it
7. We have no other DCs to look after (DS, her older brother, was born too soon when I was 18 weeks pregnant)

We would be stoked if she dropped the 3-5AM feed but I'm also eyeing the 4 month sleep regression with apprehension...

MichelleOR84 Tue 27-Oct-20 09:17:54

My DS is 20 months now .

We had no routine at 11 weeks . However by about 13/14 weeks my DS suddenly started to fall into one . It was quite sudden ! But at 11 weeks the only routine we had was bedtime ( bath time, story time, 9pm nurse , asleep by 10pm. I have nooooo idea why it was such a late bedtime though 😆 🤷‍♀️ )

I couldn’t even give you a run down of my day because it varied so much . Sometimes we were up at 5am, sometimes we were up at 9am. Sometimes he wanted to nurse around the clock and other days he didn’t .

Chocchoc88 Wed 28-Oct-20 02:36:33

Thanks for all your responses!!

Yeah sounds like mines about the same as some of you guys, ie the wake times and what you do in between the naps (baby tv in his chair being one of them too @Itsnoteasyfeelingqueasy 😂

I know by now to just follow the old ‘it will get better’ advice on the whole so I think it’s just a reassurance piece for now! But currently in the middle of another extremely grizzly night, been up since 1am (it’s now 02.35) and he just will not go down - at least not for any sort of stretch.

Some days he barely naps at all, I’m talking the odd 45 mins and if I’m really lucky 90 mins so I’m surprised he’s not flat out?!

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Chocchoc88 Wed 28-Oct-20 02:45:53

Oh also to add, when he does nap it’s usually on me or in his sling, goes in his bassinet for 15 mins max before he’s grizzling to be held, I’m finding that really frustrating atm

I try to k

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MichelleOR84 Wed 28-Oct-20 03:38:43

I know the feeling ! My DS only slept on me too . He started to sleep in his cot when he was 3 months at night but during the day he would only nap on me until he was 7 months old 😔! It does get better , I promise !!

Chocchoc88 Wed 28-Oct-20 09:13:50

@MichelleOR84 thanks lovely! I’m positive it will haha...I meant to say earlier but it posted too soon...I try to keep putting him in his crib before I resort to the sling or having in my arms but nope! Those little eyes ping open the min I lay him down 😂

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