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Formula feeding

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Sparkle2019 Sun 25-Oct-20 21:10:09

Hello everyone,

I am over 10 months exclusively expressing for my little one but have started to wean off. May be a silly question but how do I do formula? Do I make it and then wait for it to cool? Can I prep any before hand? What do i do to take milk out? RI don't want to buy a prep machine. Thanks!

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OnlyFoolsnMothers Sun 25-Oct-20 21:14:22

We used to keep baby bottles of boiled water from the morning in the fridge for the day, then make up the formula according to the amounts on the tub. So formula, some boiling water from the kettle to kill bacteria and top up with cooled water from the fridge, wack in the microwave. Make some premade bottles if going out- my LO didn’t mind cold formula.

dementedpixie Sun 25-Oct-20 21:14:24

If feeding out and about I'd take a sterilised bottle and a carton/small pre made bottle of milk and pour it into the bottle when required.

Its advised to make as required but if you do make them in advance you can store in the fridge for up to 24 hours

Lockdownmummy Sun 25-Oct-20 21:38:24

Ah the minefield that is making formula!!

Official guidance is that you make fresh each time and water must be over 70 degrees to mix with the powder. Boil kettle, leave to cool for a while, make up formula and then cool bottle to appropriate temp (standing in cold water is good).

However, no one wants to spend their whole time making formula so there are shortcuts which don’t strictly follow NHS/WHO guidance. 1. Make the bottles and quickly cool then store in the fridge for up to 24hrs (warm up in some hot water to use). 2. Mimic a prep machine - mix powder with some hot water and top up with cooled boiled water. Personally, I have a formula kettle which holds water at 70 degrees, make up bottle and cool standing in water from the fridge.

Out and about it’s either 1. Ready made 2. Take out a thermos flask with hot water, measured powder and pre measured cooled boiled water 3. Make up and chill in the fridge, pack in insulated bag and warm as needed.

Harrysmummy246 Sun 25-Oct-20 22:14:04

Can you tolerate keeping going for a month or so until they[re 12 mo and then you can give cow[s milk?

Sparkle2019 Mon 26-Oct-20 02:23:17

Thanks for the feedback! I dont think I could make it to 12 months. Everything I get my period, I am in excruciating pain when I pump. I also went back to work full time (working 11 hour days) and I just don't have the time anymore.

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FizzingWhizzbee123 Mon 26-Oct-20 14:24:38

You can buy kettles where you can set the temp, so you can get it to boil to 70 degrees and turn off, instead of boiling to 100 then having to wait for it to cool down. Might be an option?

Harrysmummy246 Mon 26-Oct-20 16:16:47

Honestly, for that length of time then, I'd buy a couple of bottles of ready made a week (they keep 2-3 days in fridge). Will LO even drink it?

doireallyneedaname Mon 26-Oct-20 17:27:13

It differs with each formula. Hipp organic as an example must be given fresh. Have a read on the box

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