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Tips to ease babies wind

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lockdownpregnancy Sun 25-Oct-20 19:54:46

Ladies I need your advice.
Our beautiful DS is suffering with his wind. Last night he screamed the place down for nearly 3 hours, it was brutal!
Anyway we are using Colief in his feed for the last 2 weeks (he is bottle fed) and we have just started on gripe water today.
We have tried to put him on his front and massage his back but he absolutely hates being on his front. He just becomes even more distressed.
Anyway, my question is, what tips do you have to help with soothing a windy baby (other than the obvious methods- patting back etc)?
TIA from a desperate Mommy!

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Mrsjayy Sun 25-Oct-20 19:57:41

Poor baby. Lie him on his back with just vest nappy and cycle his little legs hopefully it will break,, you might need to change teats .

WitchDancer Sun 25-Oct-20 19:59:51

Put him over your shoulder and walk up and down the stairs.

Sit him on your knee with his back to you and move his arms bent at the elbow up and down (bring the elbows up to the ceiling).

Pop him on a warm bath.

Lie him face down on your knees, feet towards your belly, and gently pat or rub his back.

This is all assuming he hasn't got any underlying medical reason.

MrsPatrickDempsey Sun 25-Oct-20 20:04:34

I think baby wind is a bit of a myth. We don't actually know it's wind that makes them upset. Sounds more colicky which is usually overtiredness/overstimulation.
This is interesting

Dummy to settle him?

Lolalovesmarmite Sun 25-Oct-20 20:44:31

Tiger in the tree hold. I used to do laps of the house with my daughter held like this. The position combined with motion did the trick. Saved my sanity!

Yennefer19 Sun 25-Oct-20 23:12:13

We used Infracol which we found really helped. As pp said moving their legs also helps.

NeverHadANickname Sun 25-Oct-20 23:33:49

This sounds strange but it often worked. I would lay DS down then pick him back up again, lay him down, pick him up, a few times. I think the movement helped.

shesgonebatshitagain Sun 25-Oct-20 23:41:02


Tiger in the tree hold. I used to do laps of the house with my daughter held like this. The position combined with motion did the trick. Saved my sanity!

My daughter was the worst of my three for trapped wind and holding her in this pose while moving her in a figure of eight Sequence got wind out I didn’t even know was in there !

tainot Mon 26-Oct-20 00:01:11

Look up bicycle legs on YouTube, there's a great video showing how to do it, stretch and squeeze their legs and massage
Belly with the 'I love you' method.

NewUser123456789 Mon 26-Oct-20 15:48:48

I usually repeatedly lift him up straight then sit him and let him slouch forward so his middle is being scrunched then stretched. It seems to pretty much always work whereas all the other methods like over the shoulder, over the knee, back pats etc don't seem to do much. The leg cycling is basically the same idea but with him lying down and seems to result in more unhappiness for whatever reason.

lockdownpregnancy Mon 26-Oct-20 18:12:47

Thank you all so much ladies! I'll be trying all methods to help ease his discomfort!
Your comments are massively appreciated.
He's been pretty good today but it's usually around his next feed that his discomfort will start.
Does anyone's else babies seem to suffer more in the evenings? I don't understand why that is either!

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riotlady Mon 26-Oct-20 18:16:30

Infacol was a saviour here when DD was a baby. My old nanny also taught me to put my fingers under her armpits and pull her up really straight and sort of stretch her out when I burped her, seemed to help.

MrsMarrio Mon 26-Oct-20 18:49:24

Yes always worse in the evenings when mum and dad are tired too!
Like others have said, infacol, warm bath, bicycle legs, holding them under the armpits and letting them stretch out, rubbing their tummy, lying them over legs and rubbing back. I done this for an entire night when my son was 3 weeks old. Worst night ever. Used infacol for a few weeks after that and it was never that bad again. Thank god. Hopefully this colicky phase will be over with your LO soon

shesgonebatshitagain Mon 26-Oct-20 19:39:55

Another good tip is to sit them up gently after a feed. Prop one hand cupped Under their little jaw and keeping their back flat lean them forward very gently with your other palm flat on their back.
I used to get a tremendous amount of wind up from my three doing this! The burps were astonishing and they were breastfed. Even more impressive when they Had a bottle!
Good luck
Also the Minbie bit roles are good for trapped wind and MAM
Tommee Tippee and Avent were no good for mine

lockdownpregnancy Mon 26-Oct-20 19:55:34

Thank you ladies.
I can't do anything with him on his front as he throws an absolute fit. He hates it! We don't even do tummy time when he's happy and comfortable as it really upsets him!
I do all the other burping techniques, but definitely going to try the bicycle legs, as that is something I haven't tried.
He's done well today but I'm hoping he stays that way.
Thank you all so much for your comments. I really do appreciate you all taking the time to post and help me out. I don't know any of you, but it means a lot x

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MrsMarrio Tue 27-Oct-20 07:42:44

@lockdownpregnancy just a thought came to my mind, as he is bottle fed, I would try using the instant milk for a few days rather than powder as powder needs to be shaken more vigorously and therefore has much more air in the liquid which the baby then drinks. When doing this I would switch to infacol rather than anything you are mixing into his feeds to avoid needing to shake his bottle so much. My son also hated being on his tummy but tolerated it when his head was raised more than his legs over my knee. I hope this doesn't last much longer for you and wind is the cause but as others have said colic may not have any cause and baby just cries. My son does massive farts so it's always wind 😂

lockdownpregnancy Tue 27-Oct-20 14:56:04

@MrsMarrio I think it is colic and not wind as DS farts like a trooper as well and he does bring his wind up, it just takes ages and then he gets distressed.
He keeps bringing his milk up as well. He drinks his bottle and then just brings it up. Not all of it thankfully! He's been so unsettled since last night. We had such a bad night with him it was horrible.
He's only just gone to sleep! He's barely slept since this time yesterday 😢
I don't want to switch his milk as the comfort milk or reflux milk gives them constipation which is probably worse for DS than the colic.
We make his bottles in advance as the Colief needs half an hour to work so there are t many air bubbles in the milk by the time we give him the bottle.
There isn't anything else we can do with reflux. We keep him upright for ages after his bottle but he still gags and is then sicks his milk up.
Just feeling really lost today!
I just want him to be settled, my poor little poppet 😢

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BatmanBaby Tue 27-Oct-20 15:21:25

I used infacol, which was a life saver for mine! As did my sister in law. You could tell if we missed it for a feed! It takes a day or two to make a difference, but worked really well once established!

Which reminds me - I need to add some to my baby list for when this baby is born!

Mrsjayy Tue 27-Oct-20 15:44:50

I used infacol with mine you can give it before a feed it did settle them a bit especially that evening spot where they screamed the place down!

MrsMarrio Tue 27-Oct-20 16:20:27

@lockdownpregnancy oh no poor you, I was up for a full 24hrs when my son was 3 weeks old and my husband wouldn't cancel plans to have dinner at a friends (still haven't forgiven him for it😅)
It sounds exactly like my son, farts like a brass band and suffered from reflux. May be why he won't go on tummy? Every time my son was put flat on tummy or back he would scream the place down and would only be held upright and not lying down. Dr prescribed gaviscon but as you said it causes constipation. I would only add it to one of his evening bottles and only when necessary and this seemed to keep the constipation at bay. So it does help if they are particularly sicky and won't settle.
I know it seems like hell at the moment but it does pass, just don't know when. Only other thing that can help is to get someone to mind him while you catch up on some sleep? My husbands parents aren't around and my mum is in ill health so that wasn't an option for us but I would have greatly appreciated a power nap to enable me to cope better through the relentless sleepless nights!

Maverick66 Tue 27-Oct-20 16:30:19

Does your babies farts smell? If so I'd say it's more likely to be an intolerance to his milk. If not I would recommend infacol over Colief.

lockdownpregnancy Tue 27-Oct-20 16:59:42

Thank you ladies. I've just spoke. With HV and she said to stop the Colief and to use a thickener in his milk and see how I get on with that.
I'm due to actually see the HV next week anyway for ds's 6 week check so she said go get some thickener and then have a chat with the other HV next week as that will give me a week in between giving the thickener to him.

I've just been to the pharmacist and they said that gaviscon infant needs to be prescribed so they gave me cow & gate instant carobel.

I have a telephone apt with my GP tomorrow for me so I'm going to speak to him as everything is so expensive and if I can get the gaviscon on prescription then at least I don't have to pay for it.

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Twinkie01 Tue 27-Oct-20 17:08:44

Stick him in a front carrier so warmth of you heats him up and goosestep around like John Cleese

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