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Baby unsettled all day everyday.

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Mammabear96 Tue 20-Oct-20 23:25:52

Hi just looking for some advise. My boy is 5 1/2 months old now and since birth he’s been a very unsettled baby, constipation, colic, reflux and now I’m being told he could have a milk protein allergy. He’s been on Nutramigen for over a month now and I’ve seen absolutely no chance in his mood throughout the day and he seems to be even more constipated, he’s really unsettled and cries most of the time. He naps quite a lot through the day and only drinks half of his recommended amount of milk per day and is underweight for his age. He wakes up throughout the night about every 4 hours and will only settle if I give him milk (which I am fine with because it means getting them extra ounces of milk down him) but I’m really struggling on what could be the problem. Health visitors don’t seem to want to help even though I have told them over and over that there is something else wrong but I keep getting told it could just be the way he is but I’m really not convinced. Has anyone else had similar problems with their little ones? I’m starting to get really distressed for him!

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WellQualifiedToRepresentTheLBC Tue 20-Oct-20 23:29:05

My baby was like this, except he didn't sleep more than 45 minutes at a stretch at that age, you're doing well tbh. It was a stage, which passed as all stages do.

By "unsettled", do you mean crying? Or does he want to be carried, bounced, etc, is that the issue?

Mammabear96 Tue 20-Oct-20 23:39:01

He cries all the time, sometimes it sounds like he’s in pain constantly and there’s nothing I can do to settle him. He’s not a clingy baby so holding him doesn’t really make a difference sometimes he cries worse if I pick him up. It’s really baffling me

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Disco91 Tue 20-Oct-20 23:53:33

I’ve got a 5 week old and stumbled on this article the other day that was interesting, your baby is a bit older though but might be worth a read still. Stay strong and remember this stage won’t last forever, it’s just tough while it is!

teddiesmum16 Tue 20-Oct-20 23:56:53

I would go back to the dr and ask for an alternative milk. Nutramigen does still have small amounts of dairy in it but with the protein broken down making it easier to digest. There are other milks that are completely dairy free. It's a case of trial and error with baby milk and what suits one won't another. Sounds to me like he could still have some tummy ache. My son was the same until he went on alfamino

Mammabear96 Wed 21-Oct-20 09:16:21

I’m going to see the dietician today so I will ask her if we can change his milk! Thanks smile

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Thatwentbadly Wed 21-Oct-20 09:17:22

There are different formulas for babies with CMPA. He may not be on the right one. Go on the Facebook group CMPA and ask for advice there as there are lots of knowledge mums on there. I also found that age when they want to crawl and walk but can’t yet they can be grumpy.

LockdownLoopy Wed 21-Oct-20 09:18:06

I found that Colief drops worked wonders on my girls, does he suffer constipation as well by any chance?

Mammabear96 Wed 21-Oct-20 13:09:41

I tried colief drops and it didn’t make any difference unfortunately! He’s very constipated, the doctors have prescribed laxatives for him. Poor little boy, I really do feel for him, I just feel like I’ve tried so many things with no luck what so ever

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Abouttimemum Wed 21-Oct-20 13:40:19

Have you had the reflux medicated? DS changed overnight. He doesn’t have any allergies.

Mammabear96 Wed 21-Oct-20 18:14:45

Yes he’s on Gaviscon for his reflux, without it he just throws up his milk (well that’s what happened when I forgot to put it in his bottle one time) I’m really unsure on weather it’s the previous milk that was making him throw up or the so called reflux that the health visitor said he could have

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