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Feel like I'm failing my children

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princessonabudget Tue 20-Oct-20 22:35:28

I have an almost 3 y/o and a 9 week old and a DH who works crazy hours.
I feel like I'm so busy trying to do everything that I actually achieve nothing. If I manage an hour of play between the two of them a day that's an achievement. I feel like my baby spends his whole day either in a cot or a bouncy chair whilst I try to entertain my older dc and do all the housework.
My baby has had all his routine checks and no issues have been flagged but I'm scared that a lack of tummy time / stimulating play / reading etc will impact his development soon. I already feel like he doesn't move / kick / wriggle around much when in his play gym. My toddler frequently misbehaves and I end up raising my voice which makes me feel horrendous.
I'm sorry this is a disorganised ramble of a post but is it normal to feel like this with 2 little ones or am I making such a mess of everything?
Covid restrictions in our area mean I can't have any family or friends over to help.

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peanutandpumkin Tue 20-Oct-20 23:22:44

Yes, I was you in March!

Dont worry it will get better and your baby is fine smile

My toddler does talk to the baby and pull faces and i tick that as stimulation 🥴

I promise it will get better. I am in not better shape now 😂 but much better than march and can shower alternate days 😊

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