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Struggling with a 4 year old's mood

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DottyDottyD Tue 13-Oct-20 19:53:21

My dd is 4 years old and for 5 weeks solid we are battling against her mood swings/tantrums. It just seems to be constant. Is this normal at this age? She's been highly strung since birth. But this is the worst! Nothing calms her down, she just won't listen. She cried tonight because her doll was wearing shorts and she wasn't. She cried for 30 mins solid. We can't give in to her because some of the things she asks/wants are ridiculous. She seems to be particularly bad when her little brother is around. He's nearly 3. Even if he doesn't do anything, she is at her most dramatic. My dh and I are exhausted. We feel we have an extremely upset child for a solid 10 hours a day.

Can anyone relate to this and tell me this phase will end.......soon.

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Ohalrightthen Tue 13-Oct-20 20:03:25

Ignore, ignore, ignore! Distract where possible, give lots of love when she's calm, but otherwise just ignore it.

Thatwentbadly Wed 14-Oct-20 12:07:57

Has she just started school? If yes then it’s probably a mixture of tiredness and overload from following school rules all day.

SophieH12 Wed 14-Oct-20 12:40:29

I am experiencing the exact same with my 4 year old. Has she started school? As I have found that he is so tired after that and it is affecting his mood.
He also cried for a good half hour the other day...because his sister was staring at his toast and he didn't want her to! hmm
I also have a 3yo and I have said the same recently to my OH!
But it really is only a phase! My daughter is coming up to 9 and I remember her being exactly the same!!
A lot of patience, distracting and a good old rant on here should help get you through it smile I have found a reward chart has really helped us the last couple of weeks. He seems to co operate more when he knows he can recieve a sticker at the end of it grin also..when he does become really upset we just talk to him. If he refuses to listen we just wait for him to calm down and in the end he gives in and just wants a big cuddle.
But I know exactly how you feel!! Xx

DottyDottyD Wed 14-Oct-20 13:28:15

Thanks for all your replies. We stay in Scotland so doesn't start school until next year. She is super tired after nursery which she only goes to two days a week. I know it's a phase, just want this phase to be over!

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KylieKangaroo Thu 15-Oct-20 13:25:19

Mine is the same, this is the worst age yet for me!

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