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Kittens losing mittens 🤷🏻‍♂️

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davejac Sat 10-Oct-20 01:39:50

First time father question... how the f**k did all the kittens lose their mittens? And not one mitten, both of them. All three kittens lost both mittens. Something doesn’t add up? Mother cat needs to get some order in that house!

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TheHighestSardine Sat 10-Oct-20 02:10:33

Ha! Can tell you're a first timer. As soon as PFB gets to preschool in cold weather you'll see exactly how easy it is for kittens to lose their mittens, even if they're on string through their coat, have their names on, and they're reminded about them EVERY BLOODY TIME. Ahem.

CatWithKittens Sat 10-Oct-20 11:24:06

And why should it be down to mother to get order into the house? I speak with feeling given my username and sharing a basket with a somewhat untidy DH.

CatWithKittens Sat 10-Oct-20 11:25:29

Or should that be Tomcat?

davejac Sat 10-Oct-20 12:22:25

She was so busy making pie 🥧, she didn’t realise her delinquent kittens were out losing their mittens. Probably swapping them for drugs and cigarettes 🐱💉🚬

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DilysPrice Sat 10-Oct-20 12:26:37

Yes you’ve never been through a winter with a toddler have you? I always found that nursery rhyme particularly realistic and relatable.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Sat 10-Oct-20 12:28:28

The only unrealistic bit is where they find them again.

intheenddoesitreallymatter Sat 10-Oct-20 12:29:52

Wait until they reach teenage years and Mother Hubbard becomes the most accurate piece of literature to ever be written.

davejac Sat 10-Oct-20 16:20:41


The only unrealistic bit is where they find them again.

Haha 🤣😂

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