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Best baby bouncer?

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Buntyjones Sun 04-Oct-20 20:23:02

We’re looking for a good baby bouncer for our 12 week old. Something fairly sturdy and ideally with a rocking/vibration function, without costing the earth 😂 Just wondering if anyone had any recommendations from personal experience? I’ve looked online and there’s just so many to choose from! Thanks in advance 😊

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strawberriesunited Sun 04-Oct-20 20:26:01
Sorry for the huuuuuge link! My daughter absolutely loved this. It doesn't have a setting to make it bounce but it is very bouncy, also vibrates and the owl makes a few noises/songs!

RedMarauder Sun 04-Oct-20 20:38:56

Mine is more like this one -

My toddler still sits in it though I've removed the toy bar.

Manth84 Thu 15-Oct-20 19:04:56

I might be late to the party here but noticed on the emma's diary app there was a £25 voucher for an Argos bouncer!

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