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2 year old - high temperature

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lee12345 Fri 02-Oct-20 19:41:06

My 22 month old son was sent home from nursery yesterday lunchtime for having a high temperature. He has no had a temp all day yesterday & today, which does come down with calpol, but it still high. He has no other symptoms. I have ordered a covid test, but he has no other symptoms except for this temperature. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Lockdownseperation Fri 02-Oct-20 21:59:20

I would assume a virus of some description. Make sure he gets lots of drinks.

shazzz1xx Sat 03-Oct-20 23:06:52

Awww bless... lots of fluids otherwise baby will dehydrate

Bupkis Sat 03-Oct-20 23:08:58

Lots of fluids to keep hydrated
Whole house stay in until test results
Hope your ds is ok.

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