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Entertaining a 1 year old in lock down

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suzysheeeeep Thu 01-Oct-20 18:32:21

Hello. My county is going into lockdown tonight meaning I can't leave, can't go to my mums, sisters etc can't go to play area with a friend, no one allowed in my house only outdoors but with the weather getting worse I'm really needing ideas to keep my LO entertained. He has a got of energy in between his 2 naps. A normal day looks like this:

5-6am - wake (🙈) & bottle (he screams for it)
8am - breakfast
9am - nap for one hour
10am - walk the dog, run errands, play date.
12pm - lunch
1.30 - nap for 1.5 hours
3pm - play in the house while I tidy up
5pm - dinner
6pm - bath & bottle
7pm - bedtime (won't always go down easy so sometimes it's 8pm)

I would like to do painting and creative stuff with him but he puts everything in his mouth so something safe/fun/energy using 🤣 anyone else in this position? I have friends with kids but they all seem to cope fine 😩

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RubaiyatOfAnyone Thu 01-Oct-20 18:53:18

Things we have tried recently with my 10 month old (not in lockdown, but no soft play, baby groups, or playdates):

Edible paint (flour, water and food colouring) - brush or fingers
Edible archaeology - hiding little plastic dinosaurs in food-coloured porridge.
Bubble popping
Make soft play our of sofa/chair cushions
Jelly for messy play
Paint under clingfilm to squidge around
Playing tickle chase
Put on music and have a dance
Songs with actions (row your boat, zoom zoom zoom, wind the bobbin etc)
Mystery black bag full of objects to pull out and examine.
Different pasta shapes to play/create with.

KatieKat88 Thu 01-Oct-20 19:13:10

Basket of (clean) washing in the middle of the room. Hours of fun 'helping to organise' e.g. she pulls everything out and leaves it strewn around the room. She then tries to eat all of the socks and plays peekaboo with Daddy's underwear. I then return all items of clothing to the basket. Repeat! (I have no 'good parent' ideas, sorry!)

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