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Cherry111 Wed 30-Sep-20 20:40:30

I know this is a stupid question as it's "Mumsnet" but does anyone else feel completely responsible for family life. I mean, when people need fed, when no snacks are appropriate, what clothes are worn, what shopping to buy, what is bedtime story, what time nursery is, remember to brush their teeth, remember to put socks on now before bed as it's getting cold, she doesn't like macaroni anymore. I need to phone EON and check the electricity prices. I need to phone the nursery to make sure our hours are correct. I need to phone the doctors to get an app for the little ones constipation.Can I have 30 mins to have a bath! Why are you angry at me after I've blown up about all this shit in my brain that no one else seems to take responsibility for! Oh but do a food shop, but only if I give you a LIST! I do think I'm bordering on being a Martyr but I really don't want to. Why can't people in my family just think for themselves. I'm so tired, I've cried tonight as I have had enough of thinking for everyone. Fuuuuuuuck saaaaaaackkkkeeeeee!

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SnowdropFox Wed 30-Sep-20 23:28:58

You sound completely overwhelmed op. You need to sort this now, before you become miserable and resentful, or are you already there?

Ohalrightthen Thu 01-Oct-20 14:24:42

Do you have a partner? They should be doing 50/50 of the admin etc, maybe draw up a list for who's in charge of what? EG i do paperwork cos my husband can't stand it, he does calling people cos i hate the phone.

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