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have you done this or whats your thoughts?

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Jacqueline90s Wed 30-Sep-20 16:47:30

Hey all smile I was looking to get all thoughts & opinions with you things its a good idea or a bad idea, my daughter who's 13 asked for her pocket money to be upped she only got around £10 + her mobile phone contract paid by me or her dad & the things she would do about the house were dishes & making sure her room was tidy daily, I said I would think about her pocket money being upped & she might have to do more about the house to earn this so it was my daughter that came up with the idea of a contract for house chore's, I've copied our contract below lol, p.s this is a list of things she can do but not everything has to be done she can switch it up week to week so she don't get board of doing same thing day in day out, whats your thoughts on chore charts for pocket money? All this was my daughters idea including the penalty, as she would say you wouldn't do half a job or not go to work & still get full pay,


Welcome to your chore list as we discussed this is to help you get ready for when you get your own house while earning some money at the same time ! I’m trying to give you as much independence as possible well.... within reason !

You can earn extra pocket money by completing chore's around the house & helping mum aswel

you can earn a MAXIMUM OF £25 PER MONTH which can be transferred into you bank account on 12th of every month or you can choose to have £6.25 weekly on Monday's,

See below for a list of tasks to choose from there will be daily / weekly / monthly tasks not every task has to be done but there is a verity of options to choose from but be sure pick different tasks every week

• DO THE DISHES ( WASH / dry / put away )
• Tidy up kitchen or bathroom
• Throw trash away + recycling
• Sort out clean laundry ( fold and put away )
• Put on a washing ( your own clothes, towels etc )
• Make sure you bedroom is tidy
• Walk the dog ( remember poo bags )
• Meal prep or if you feel confident cook a meal
• Organise your school stuff for next day ( must do daily)
• Hoover & dust

Weekly tasks
1. Clean skirting boards
2. Clean out fridge
3. Wipe down kitchen cupboards doors
4. Clean kitchen
5. Clean bathroom
6. Clean out guinea pig ( weekend only )
7. Change bedding
8. Write a list of toiletries / make up / hair products that you may need for shopping trip
9. Help put away groceries

1.clean & hoover car
2. Help with cleaning windows
3. Help with gardening ( on dry days )
4, Organise family night

● for any task you miss wither its a daily weekly monthly one you will be hit with a penalty of £1
● for a task that hasn’t been done properly because of rushing you will be hit with a penalty of 50p
●any time mum or dad has to remind you that you have chore’s to do you will be hit with a penalty of 20p

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ScarMatty Wed 30-Sep-20 16:52:56

I think that sounds fair

ScarMatty Wed 30-Sep-20 16:54:42

Actually I've just read it again, and I do in hindsight think that's a lot of chores for the money.

Especially as GCSEs will be starting soon and therefore revising will take priority

Jacqueline90s Wed 30-Sep-20 18:34:17

But if you read again she doesn't need to do them all she picks 2 daily 1 weekly 1 monthly, the list is all the chore's she's allowed to do & she can rotate them week to week so she's never board of doing the same things all the time

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thistimelastweek Wed 30-Sep-20 18:43:40

Where is there scope for just helping out because you are a member of the family? Is it really helpful to pay children for each and every contribution to family life? Feeding into the 'what's in it for me ' culture.
I would rather agree a middle course. Fixed pocket money with bonuses for jobs above and beyond. Meanwhile, help out with family chores for nothing more than being a member of the team.

Lockdownseperation Wed 30-Sep-20 21:18:05

Do you realise that you have given your child’s name and probably yours in your post?

Personally I wouldn’t do this. I only have younger kids so perhaps I will change my mind but I expect my DD to help because we all help in the house. What happens if she lots of birthday money, is it OK that she doesn’t help out? What happens if she is unwell or lots of school work that week?

HappyAsASandboy Thu 01-Oct-20 02:21:33

It all feels a bit complicated to me. I got a bit confused by your post about choosing numbers of tasks - would you have to sit down once a month and allocate tasks? Would she then be doing two of the same daily tasks for the whole month (a month seems like a looong time to a 13 year old)?

I'd stick with set pocket money and expect general help around the home because she lives in it. If you want to give extra money for earned tasks then keep it simple with some of the bigger jobs - extra £3 for cleaning the bathroom, extra £5 for cleaning the car inside and out etc etc.

mxjones Thu 01-Oct-20 02:53:15

Can you add 'teach Mum how to use apostrophes' to the list ?

peachypetite Thu 01-Oct-20 02:54:04

You mean tasks, not task’s.

seayork2020 Thu 01-Oct-20 03:04:22

If it works for you and her then there is of course no issue with it

I do not have the energy to work out a list so DS does what DH and I ask of him and we let him buy what he wants which is 99% some online thing he wants for his games so it is not much.

As he gets older we may give him a set amount but nothing to with jobs around the place that is just people do when they live together

But although I could not imagine doing what you do because it takes more thinking than I am willing to do again if you works for you great!

RepeatSwan Thu 01-Oct-20 03:52:17

No, we do need be because we are family, no money involved.

Angelina82 Thu 01-Oct-20 04:06:36

So by my calculation your DD has to do approx 65 jobs per month for 25 quid? That’s fucking child labour OP! No wonder you’re smiling! 😂

rainingallspring Thu 01-Oct-20 04:09:51

That's a lot of tasks. For stuff all money. Just give her pocket money and ask her to do something like room tidy daily, help with dishes and vacuum once a week.

And she will absolutely call you to ask how to do things. I still call my mum and I'm 37.

rainingallspring Thu 01-Oct-20 04:10:30


Can you add 'teach Mum how to use apostrophes' to the list ?


SassenachWitch Thu 01-Oct-20 11:53:20

Yeah, that's a lot of tasks for very little money.

Today my 16 year old is doing the following:
Take washing from washer, put on airers.
Put another load in.
Empty dishwasher.
Wipe down kitchen sides.
Tidy her bedroom.
Clean her bathroom

This is costing me £10, which is on top of her phone bill and weekly pocket money, as she's doing me a massive favour, as it's less work for me when I get home.

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