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Books - parents splitting

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LittleRa Sun 27-Sep-20 10:22:39

I used to read this one to my DD, she was around 3-4yo (now 6yo). I started off reading it as a bedtime story alongside other stories before we actually moved out (we were separated but still living together while the house sold) to normalise the situation. Then once we’d moved out and had separate homes I’d still read it and she’d relate to the little girl.

NewYearDear Sun 27-Sep-20 10:16:12

Hi there
I’ll soon need to break it to my kids that their dad and I are splitting up. Does anyone know of any book I might be able to read so I don’t mess this up! Two kids under 7.
Has anyone seen a therapist as a couple with the sole intention of getting help to navigate the split with the kids. Many thanks

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