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Help please - combi feeding

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Hoping87 Sat 26-Sep-20 08:29:02

My little girl is 7 1/2 months old and has been ebf, with a bottle of expressed milk at bedtime that dad gives her.
I am wanting to look at switching this to formula as I hate expressing and secretly hoping it might make her sleep a bit longer!
How do I know how much formula to give her, is there a better formula to give to ebf babies? Totally clueless! Any advice, tips welcome! Thanks! X

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Fivemoreminutes1 Sat 26-Sep-20 09:48:03

If she refuses formula alone at first, you can try mixing it with some breast milk to help her get used to the taste. Mix the formula first, separate from the breast milk. Once the concentrated liquid or powdered formula is prepared, it can then be added to a bottle of breast milk. Start with 50/50 expressed and formula milk to begin with and gradually increase the % of formula.
You might have to try a range of different bottle nipples. Your DD may prefer one material (rubber, silicone etc.) over another. Generally speaking, a slow flow teat is good to start with. Remember she has to suck pretty hard on your breast to get the milk, so she’s used to slow flow. Also sucking on a nipple and sucking on a bottle teat are not the same as the teat is much harder in their mouth.
Don’t wait until she’s hungry to try the bottle. Start earlier than the scheduled feeding so she isn’t frustrated and starving when experimenting with the bottle. You could try breastfeeding for a short time but not allowing her to fill up completely. Once she has had some breastmilk and is calm and relaxed, try switching for the bottle of formula.
Dip the nipple in breast milk to give it a familiar flavour and to encourage her to suck.
Be warned, her nappies will be different. It will be firmer (about the consistency of peanut butter), be tan or brown in colour, and smell stronger. It will probably be less frequent too.
Try not to worry about exactly how much she is getting of either breast milk or formula. Your DD will drink more when she's hungry and less when she's not. It’s better to make sure that she is gaining weightappropriately than to be fixated on whether she’s having a consistent amount of milk at every feeding. Trusting your gut is the way to go.

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