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16mo hitting!

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WindFlower92 Sat 26-Sep-20 11:37:21

Thanks @BF2748 smile I did wonder if she was too young for the naughty step, so may wait a little longer for that. That's reassuring to know she won't be a hitter forever! I'll work on calm short sentences and distraction.

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BF2748 Sat 26-Sep-20 00:44:22

She can’t express herself properly at this age hence why she is hitting but it is also very common and often a phase they go through.

I wouldn’t worry about her with other children when she is older, as it could just be a phase. I would look at other ways you get her to stop her in the meantime.

In order to do this you have to look at why she is frustrated. Is she hungry, is she bored? What’s happening before she starts hitting. Pay attention to what the triggers can be and then you have the solution to what she is requiring and you can explain I know you need x but hitting isn’t ok. Try not to worry as at 16months it’s not down to violent/agrressove tendencies or her being mean it is mere frustration, and they can’t communicate it. Plus she is going to begin to push boundaries and explore al her emotions.

I personally think she’s too young to understand the concept of the naughty step. You could try identifying with the moments she is about to do it and stop her or distract her before it continues. Try not to raise your voice but speak firmly with shorter sentences when she does start to hit. Long explanations she won’t understand, but things like No that’s isn’t nice, No that hurts, No you can’t do that. Or simply say No and walk away.

If you’re going to try distracting her then do something where you can give her praise for listening or doing what you want her to do.

It’s tough but you’ll figure it out, it doesn’t reflect on your parenting so don’t worry too much as every parent will have experienced this too x

WindFlower92 Fri 25-Sep-20 19:15:24

No one?

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WindFlower92 Fri 25-Sep-20 12:33:27

Looking on some advice for what to do here. Whenever I tell her 'no', i.e. if I'm too busy to play with her, she strops and starts hitting me. Obviously I tell her to stop, and have started using the naughty step, but is there a better way to deal with this? She's now started hitting and then taking herself straight to the naughty step as if it's a game! She only does this with me, not dad or anyone else, even though I tell her off. Is this normal, and how can I deal with this? I'm worried about her hitting people as she gets older sad

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