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Anyone else found it hard when their toddler stopped napping?

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Pantheon Wed 23-Sep-20 16:41:40

Just a rant really! But how I miss having an hour or two to sort things in the house or just sit down for a minute! And dd is still adjusting to not napping so her behaviour can be harder to manage at times. Anyone else?!

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MaraScottie Wed 23-Sep-20 16:45:00

Yep, it's a really tricky stage. Try an earlier bedtime for a while until she adjusts .... but yeah, a bit of quiet time in front of the tv can get you that few mins peace which is super important for your own sanity!

Disappointedkoala Wed 23-Sep-20 17:25:50

Yes! My previous solid napping toddler decided to scrap a regular nap at the same time as I found out I was pregnant 😭. We have a bit of quiet time before or after lunch depending on what we're up to but it's just not the same!

INeedNewShoes Wed 23-Sep-20 17:30:31

Yep it’s hard work. DD fully dropped the nap at 23m. I fought like mad to re-establish it and still put her in the cot at nap time every day for at least six months (unless we were out and about of course) in the vain hope she’d go back to napping, but no.

That 1-2 hours in the middle of the day made such a big difference to both of us. I’d say it took a full six months for DD to function happily without the nap.

You have my sympathy; it’s a difficult transition to make!

Pantheon Wed 23-Sep-20 18:50:00

Thank you all for the solidarity! Worried it was just me losing my mind grinthanks for the tips too.

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