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Could Perfect Prep machine be causing reflux?

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boymum2020 Sun 04-Oct-20 15:19:54

I was told to swirl or to use something to mix (but that has to be sterilised too) that it's the shaking causing a lot of bubbles. And to hold the bottle on an angle (like pouring a pint)

AlexTheHalloweenCat Fri 02-Oct-20 23:19:00

It makes the milk more bubbly, I did notice more burps with the perfect prep. I used to hold the bottle at an angle (think pouring a bottle of beer grin) and let the milk hit the side of the bottle as it flowed and it helped to stop the bubbles.

doireallyneedaname Thu 01-Oct-20 21:35:14

I’m convinced it’s coincidence and all the stories re perfect prep are rubbish. I was in the same situation as you and convinced myself my baby had reflux and the perfect prep was at fault - it obviously wasn’t.

Is it consistent? Every bottle?

MrsLeclerc Thu 01-Oct-20 14:40:48

Hate to say it but my DS never got on with our perfect prep machine. He was a very gassy baby and we tried Infacol, gripe water mixed in. They would work for about 6 days then he’d start suffering again. We also tried leaving them to settle for 20-30 mins after prepping but still didn’t agree with him.

After swapping formula brands and trying all of the above we ended up using the Dr Browns bottles. They have an inner tube that stops the baby from gulping down air with the milk. I got mine from Amazon. That really helped so might be worth looking into if you get any further issues.

whatswithtodaytoday Thu 24-Sep-20 05:45:56

The Prep machine makes the milk more bubbly, maybe it's that? Tiny babies don't deal well with gas.

If it works making bottles with a kettle instead, do that. You can always try the Prep machine again in a few weeks when her digestive system has matured a bit more.

dumpling123 Thu 24-Sep-20 05:41:49

It could be the bubbles from machine. I notice that the milk has more froth from machine.

PollyPocket245 Thu 24-Sep-20 05:33:28

I’m sorry this won’t be much help but I remember in my pre birthing class the lady said they wouldn’t recommend anyone using them but I’m not sure why!

dementedpixie Wed 23-Sep-20 16:42:47

Might the powder not be dissolved properly in the small hot shot from the perfect prep? Or is the temperature different?

Itsnoteasyfeelingqueasy Wed 23-Sep-20 16:27:55

I’ve been on the phone to health visitor and GP today concerned about my 9 week old baby girl. For the past few days she has become distressed when drinking her milk. She’s always been formula fed and had no problems. Over the last few it’s seems like the milk is hurting her. The health visitor started by asking about how I prepare bottles, I said I have the perfect prep machine, she advised me to try making bottles the old way with the kettle to see if it helped although it wasn’t necessary causing the problem. I made a bottle with the kettle and the difference was immediate. My baby drunk the whole bottle with no fuss.

Now I’m thinking could they prep machine really cause these problems? I’m aware there are some concerns about it, just wondered if anyone had this experience?

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