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Problem with baby’s ears - please help (photo attached)

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Fuscialuscia Wed 23-Sep-20 18:41:27

Could also just be milk? It can build up a bit over time!

CircleofWillis Wed 23-Sep-20 09:39:45

Morning Purple,

How did it go with the coconut oil?

purpleandblue82 Mon 21-Sep-20 23:00:25

Thanks all. I already removed cradle cap from baby’s head but clearly neglected behind the ears blush I will try some coconut oil tomorrow!

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Incrediblytired Mon 21-Sep-20 20:41:49

I popped Vaseline on and it sorted it out

CircleofWillis Mon 21-Sep-20 20:39:06

We also used extra virgin olive oil but I preferred coconut oil as it didn't mark clothing.

FightMilkTM Mon 21-Sep-20 20:38:06

My 13 month old has this.
I just thought it was ‘her ears’ blush
I hadn’t thought to fix it blushblush

CircleofWillis Mon 21-Sep-20 20:37:30

You could try a more natural oil. Baby oil didn't help my daughter's skin but her doctor recommended virgin coconut oil when she was 3 months old and it was great for eczema and cradle cap.

OhTheRoses Mon 21-Sep-20 20:34:58

It's very mild cradle cap. Old remedy was olive oil and medicated soap.

littlebirdieblue Mon 21-Sep-20 20:32:26

Definitely cradle cap, mine used to get this too behind their ears.

Letsallscreamatthesistene Mon 21-Sep-20 20:30:31

Looks like cradle cap - it doesnt just happen on heads! Baby oil left to soak in for a bit and then a bit of a scrub with a flannel should do it.

difficulttod Mon 21-Sep-20 20:01:28

My daughter had this, I just put moisturiser on it and gently scrubbed at it with a flannel. Once it came off it didn't come back again

purpleandblue82 Mon 21-Sep-20 19:17:11

Thanks! Yes it does feel dry to the touch. Should baby oil do the trick if I apply it more regularly?

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FloatingAlien Mon 21-Sep-20 19:15:41

Just looks like a bit of dry skin, both my girls used to get it behind their ears. I used to pop a bit of Aveeno on it

purpleandblue82 Mon 21-Sep-20 19:14:10

Does anyone know what this could be? My baby is 5 months old and has it behind both ears. I’ve been applying baby oil sporadically but it hasn’t made a difference - though as I say, I’ve not been using it regularly. Any ideas?

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