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Bugaboo Bee 5 rain cover - how on earth do they fit?

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FolkSongSweet Thu 24-Sep-20 10:45:08

I have the bee 5 in parent facing mode. My rain cover has Velcro straps which I tie round the black bits at the front of the pram (ie handlebar side) and the loops go at the back, hooked round wherever seems logical on the chassis...does that help? DH was struggling with it yesterday and I realised he was doing it backwards as well.

wifeandmum4 Wed 23-Sep-20 07:34:09

Anyone? smile

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wifeandmum4 Mon 21-Sep-20 09:26:34

I got a rain cover with my Bugaboo Bee 5 pram but can’t work out how to fit it! It looks different to the ones in the demo videos - mine has a grey section at one end with the Bugaboo logo on, has popper style buttons along some of the edge and there’s no flap on it. Part of the cover is elasticated too. I have the buggy in parent-facing mode at the moment. Can anyone advise?

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