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Nappy recommendations

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Spottyspottyladybird Mon 21-Sep-20 19:02:41

I found that pampers baby dry were definitely the best for keeping dry through the night. Tescos own is a very close second though!

PeacefulInTheDeep Mon 21-Sep-20 18:56:17

I found the Boots ones really absorbent in the newborn sizes. Might be worth a try?

June628 Mon 21-Sep-20 18:46:22

Try going up a size in the pampers. That’s what worked for us.

kell93 Mon 21-Sep-20 18:16:40

Amazing thank you everyone! @countdowntobaby2020 I've just looked at the nappy pants and my little one isn't quite big enough for them yet but will definitely look at them once she is big enough thank you!! @icelollycraving we did try Lidl but that was when she was super tiny and we had a bit of leakage might be ok now. @PaulinePetrovaPosey @Mommabear20 will have a look at Tesco thank you smile

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PaulinePetrovaPosey Mon 21-Sep-20 07:53:13

Same as Momma... I find Tesco nappies to be better than Pampas, and literally a third of the price.

Mommabear20 Mon 21-Sep-20 07:40:40

My DD is also 13 weeks old, we use Tesco Fred and flow, £1.80 for a pack of 52 and we've NEVER had a leak or poopspolsion 😁 the only ones we've had is when she's been in pampers as we couldn't get her normal ones. I'd recommend Tesco's to anyone and tell everyone that will listen to stay clear of pampers!

icelollycraving Mon 21-Sep-20 07:38:26

My ds is way beyond the nappy stage now. I used pampers for most of the time until I tried Lidl. Never went back. Definitely worth a try.

countdowntobaby2020 Mon 21-Sep-20 07:36:11

We had this exact same problem with our 14 week old, we were finding the "up to 12 hour dry" nappies weren't lasting through the night. We swapped to using the pampers baby dry nappy pants at night and they've been amazing, not had a leak since! Because they are like pants nothing can leak through the side and it comes really high up the tummy. Would definitely recommend.!

kell93 Mon 21-Sep-20 07:26:58

So my 13 wo has finally started sleeping through the night, 9.30 - 6ish the only issue is she is waking up wet. We are changing her jus before she goes down but by morning she is wet at the top of her back. We are currently using pampers premium protection, any recommendations or advice would be gratefully received! smile

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