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Bedroom dilemma - what would you do?

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Soon2bemummyof3 Sun 20-Sep-20 22:44:29

Three bedroom house! Second bedroom a good size and an ok sized box room. Expecting baby number 3 in February unexpectedly! No option to move at the moment! Baby is a little girl going on gender scan! Would you (when baby is regularly sleeping through the night) put baby in room with 9 year old daughter? Or with younger 7 year old son? Or put the two older kids in the big room and baby in little one? They both get a long very well the majority of the time and are only a year apart in school too! But I've read on lots of websites that it's not recommended to put mixed gender siblings around that age in together? 🤷 Thanks!

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SBTLove Sun 20-Sep-20 22:46:00

Is the biggest of all three rooms able to be split?

Soon2bemummyof3 Mon 21-Sep-20 00:04:40

@SBTLove I wouldn't be able to put a permanent split/partition but certainly big enough for one. Only one window though! We had thought of perhaps two loft beds with an mdf divider between them? So they each had their own little space? The older two that is.

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Armychefbethebest Mon 21-Sep-20 00:09:50

Do you have a reception room downstairs that you could turn into a bedroom we did this so my 2 dd13 and ds11 had a room each and dss 12 who has asd could have his own room when he stays over , we turned the dining room into our bedroom and I actually quite like it .

Bringmewineandcake Mon 21-Sep-20 00:20:50

I would have the older 2 sharing. The baby / toddler could disturb your daughter for the next 3-4 years otherwise. You'll need an alternative solution at that point anyway.

Soon2bemummyof3 Mon 21-Sep-20 00:36:23

@Armychefbethebest unfortunately not! Though must recommend that idea for a friend in a similar situation!
@Bringmewineandcake yes that's my thinking atm. We should be able to move by then too!

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