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Chicco next to me without straps

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bunnyonthemantle Sat 19-Sep-20 21:35:43

I bought a Chicco next to me second hand. I wasn't planning to use it with the side off and attached to the bed for various reasons. I've now realised it's been sold to me without the straps anyway. It is ok to use without the straps isn't it if you're using it as a stand alone? Is there anything else that should have been with it that I'm not aware of? I just have the frame, legs and cover.

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mynameiscalypso Sat 19-Sep-20 22:17:20

We put the side up on ours as DS preferred it that way and didn't attach the straps - no issue although I don't know if it was officially recommended

Ihaveoflate Sun 20-Sep-20 07:27:15

We never used the straps and it was fine. Not saying it's right, just couldn't be bothered with the faff and it was perfectly safe.

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