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dandeloin Tue 15-Sep-20 21:00:00

Evening All,

I'm about to become a SAHM - juggling a demanding job, DH working shift work and then 3 kiddies from ages 1-10 is just too much to cope with. So while I look fwd to being ah home more for the kids I'm wondering what do SAHPs do for the day? I know there will be an element of chores/jobs around the house, school drops & collections but what else do you do to keep yourself busy (and sane). I'm thinking walks with my toddler in her buggy but seeing as mother & baby groups wont be happening for another long time I imagine... I'd be interested to hear from anyone else in a similar situation. Thankssmile

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Pantheon Tue 15-Sep-20 22:01:17

Pre lockdown I went to a lot of playgroups and classes with my toddler. Now playgrounds, trips out etc. And then either picnic or back for lunch, nap for toddler (although she's dropping it now), jobs while she naps. I find it helps to be out of the house a fair bit tbh. And to make friends with people with kids similar age.

crazychemist Tue 15-Sep-20 22:20:19

I’m not a full SAHP, but have been part time for the last 3 years so that I’d have days with DD. Getting out the house is nice - I used to make sure we had an activity planned for each morning - it breaks up the day for you, and means the house doesn’t get so messy! Although free toddler groups aren’t running now, most things that you pay for now are, so depends how you feel about that e.g. I’m taking DD (now nearly 4) to cycletots tomorrow as it’s my day off.

I also usually plan one outdoor type thing in the afternoon. Doesn’t have to be a big thing, but a short trip to the playground to get some fresh air used to be great after her afternoon nap (obviously she doesn’t nap any more).

If you’ve got one activity after Morning school run, a short bit of outside time in the afternoon and you get some chores done during nap time, that’ll probably take you up to afternoon school run time. Rinse and repeat! I avoided having too much time at home with DD when she was I found it led to mess which I then had to deal with during her nap time instead of having the time to do other things than needed doing.

feedthebees Tue 15-Sep-20 22:36:24

Most of our toddler classes have re-started, so that fills the majority of the days. I try to do one activity in the morning, return home for her nap, then an afternoon activity. They take place nearby but sometimes up to 40 min travelling time, so it pretty much takes up the morning just getting ready, pausing for snacks, and travelling there and back. One day a week we go out for a longer day trip and she naps in her buggy while we're out. We've been doing museums, nature reserves, seaside, galleries and soft play recently. We don't spend that much time at home to be honest. I prefer the structure of having something planned outside of the hosue, plus the comments about less mess etc.

Personally I still nap during her nap time! But I don't sleep much at night as I tend to get on with stuff like household admin, online shops, chores and studying when she's gone to bed for the night, which keeps me up till the early hours. Just find it easier and quieter to do it that way than to do it while she's napping.

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