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8 month schedule

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E899 Mon 14-Sep-20 14:32:34

Hi all

Could you please let me know your 8 month schedule?

I was breastfeeding on demand but have recently changed to formula and I have no idea about times if bottles!

He wakes up around 7.15 and bedtime is about 7. He’s also on three meals a day.

I also don’t know if he’s ready to go down to two naps as his last nap is getting around 430 which is quite late for a 7 o’clock bedtime?

Thank you!

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Ihaveoflate Mon 14-Sep-20 20:12:44

Somewhere around 8 months my baby dropped the 3rd nap so just had one morning and one afternoon nap. Wake up was 6:30 and I never let her sleep beyond 3pm for the second nap. Bedtime was 18:45 and she slept through.

Bottles were roughly 6:30/ 10:30/ 14:30/ 18:30 and she dropped the mid-morning at 9 months and we replaced with a snack. She had around 6oz per bottle I think.

She's 14 months now and still on the same sleep schedule, just no bottles apart from bedtime milk.

E899 Tue 15-Sep-20 06:45:56

Thank you.

What time were the morning and afternoon naps?

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Ihaveoflate Tue 15-Sep-20 08:30:21

I think at that age her morning one was 9-10:30am and her afternoon one was was something like 2-2:45pm.

She always preferred her long nap in the morning but at around 10 months we started waking her up from it after one sleep cycle (45 mins) in order to lengthen the afternoon one.

Now her naps are 9:15-10am and 1:30-3pm. Our golden rules are no sleeping after 10am or 3pm. We almost always have to wake her up from the morning nap but she naturally sleeps 1.5 hrs after lunch.

Everyone is different though and I know some babies who happily carry on having a long nap in the morning even when they drop to one nap day. We just prefer her to sleep longer after lunch and it works for us.

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