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Tv programme for 8 year old boys

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Time2change2 Wed 09-Sep-20 07:27:42

Has anyone got any recommendations for tv programmes / a series for 8 year old boys? What do your Y3 / Y4 / Y5 boys watch?
I am trying to get them off kids you tube so nothing on there please! We have netflix, Disney plus, sky, etc.
Any suggestions welcome!

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Fololomolo Wed 09-Sep-20 07:30:26

Have you done inbestigators?

Lockdownseperation Wed 09-Sep-20 16:14:10

Maybe have a look on CBBC.

Feminist10101 Wed 09-Sep-20 16:15:07

Surely any CBBC programmes would be suitable for either sex?

Television programmes for boys??

Coolcatsandkittens Wed 09-Sep-20 16:27:18

My just turned 7 year old loves Total Dramarama (Pop channel I think?) and also enjoyed Craig of the Creek over the summer (on ITV hub he found this). Also Mr Bean, Mr Magoo on CITV.

ScatteredMama82 Wed 09-Sep-20 16:31:13

How to train you dragon series on netflix is great

Time2change2 Wed 09-Sep-20 16:31:55

Yes we have been through CBBC but nothing on there interests them really or the stuff that does they have already watched and got bored of. They used to quite like Mr Bean and I think have watched most of those. I will try the others though- not heard of Craig of the creek. They usually watch the cartoons on Netflix but have watched most of the ones they like ie gravity falls, and Steven universe

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ScatteredMama82 Wed 09-Sep-20 16:32:33

Also there's a Bear Grylls one, called 'you vs the wild'. It's like a choose your own adventure where you can choose what choice he makes (e.g. climb the tree or swim across the lake) and then see the outcome.
That's on Netflix too

ScatteredMama82 Wed 09-Sep-20 16:33:17

Shaun the Sheep? Loved equally by my 5 and 10 year olds.

Time2change2 Wed 09-Sep-20 16:34:47

Oh yes @ScatteredMama82 they actually did like that one- I forgot about that! I will have to see if there are any new ones. My daughter at this age loved the American ‘canned laughter’ shows that were in a high school or Sam and Cat with Ariana grande etc but the boys hate anything like that

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TigerQuoll Wed 09-Sep-20 21:55:44


EssexCat Wed 09-Sep-20 21:58:35

Phineas and Ferb. Genuinely funny.

Time2change2 Wed 09-Sep-20 22:05:24

Thank you! They loved phineas and ferb but watched it loads A year or two ago and have come out the other side of that one now. Just trying to find something else that is new

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Trekkerbabe Wed 09-Sep-20 22:20:57

Yorkshire farm. Channel 5. Brilliant.

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