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Weaning advice - when should they drop milk?

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Xxejpxx Tue 08-Sep-20 11:25:43


I stated weaning my little one a 6 months and he's now 8 1/2 months. He is now on three meals again and most days takes really good amounts plus sips of water. Before weaning he was taking 4 bottles a day and now even with 3 meals a day he still demands his 4 feeds! Very occasionally he will skip an afternoon bottle or fall asleep half way through his bed time feed.

Any tips on how to encourage him to drop some milk or do I just let him get on with it?

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Ihaveoflate Tue 08-Sep-20 11:36:04

I think my baby was 9 months when she dropped her first feed (mid-morning bottle) and we replaced with a snack.

I knew she was ready because she wasn't drinking very much of it. We started by reducing the bottle and offering a bit of a snack alongside (fruit or biscuit etc.) and then after a few days just ditching the bottle and offering the snack. It worked really well and she at more at lunchtime as a result. She was then on 3 bottles a day until about 11 months when we replaced the mid-afternoon bottle with a snack using a similar approach.

Maybe you could try a similar approach with the afternoon bottle and see what happens?

Disappointedkoala Tue 08-Sep-20 12:11:46

9 months, down to first thing and bedtime bottles by 11.5 months.

Xxejpxx Fri 11-Sep-20 15:41:53

That's really helpful thank you!

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