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My toddler is always hungry...

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LittleLL Tue 08-Sep-20 09:01:01

...or at least she says she is.

She might not always be hungry, but she will always eat.

There is nothing she won't eat - we give her a very balanced diet. More than 5 a day (in fact she would eat fruit all day if allowed), pretty much all veg, lean meats etc for meal times, with the occasional treat tea of chip and fish fingers or similar.

Weetabix or scrambled egg on toast for breakfast.

Snacks are usually yogurt, fruit, veg sticks, cheese, but also toddler crisps, reasonable biscuits (usually a rich tea) and a treat each day (small milky bar or packet of buttons).

She goes to nursery three days a week where she gets a balanced three meals. She has 5oz semi skimmed milk before bed, otherwise she only drinks water.

She has always been over the 90th centile. 9lbs 6oz at birth, and has followed that curve - now 98th centile. She is also 97th centile for height at 3ft 3in. She's 2 years 7months. Me and her had are both tall - I have a (just) healthy BMI, but my husband is heavy set.

She is noticeably chunkier than her peers and feels heavier, but always has.

Her Dad has a really bad relationship with food which he largely attributes to the way he was raised (traumatic memories of being sick of his plate after being force to eat something he hated etc), so we try really hard to follow a relaxed 'everything in moderation approach'

I don't know whether to be worried - any advice?

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Disappointedkoala Tue 08-Sep-20 10:34:16

I've got a big DD too - not weighed for a while but was 95th centile at 2years and just about 3ft then. Her dad is very tall so clearly takes after him (I'm not blessed in the height department). My logic is someone has to be at the top end of the scale as well as in the middle and at the lower end.

I think her diet sounds great - I'm very jealous as mine is firmly committed to pasta and chips but I'd probably drop the daily chocolate treat - we'd have a treat a couple of times a week so either a bit of cake, a couple of biscuits or chocolate and then other than that the only option is homemade fruit lollies or yogurt with fruit. Both me and DH have big sweet tooths but are lucky with our weights generally. We also aim for a good bit of "exercise" every day to normalise being active - good playground session, long walk, scooter ride etc.

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