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Homeless with 2 kids

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Lauz532 Sat 05-Sep-20 15:48:57

Im wondering if anyone could offer any advice me amd my kids moved in with my partner not long ago to a whole new area. Things arent working out and the relationship has gone bad so he has asked us to leave immediately i have no family or friends in the area and no money for deposit and rent on place as have only just moved in here. Is there anywhere that can help me
Any advice would be really appreciated

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flossletsfloss Sat 05-Sep-20 15:51:39

Are you in the uk OP?

Lauz532 Sat 05-Sep-20 15:53:40

Hi yeah we in england

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RandomMess Sat 05-Sep-20 15:55:22

Phone shelter, ask him to write you a letter giving you notice to leave. Go to the local council and present yourself as homeless.


anon5000 Sat 05-Sep-20 15:56:07

Can your family help you to move back closer to them?

flossletsfloss Sat 05-Sep-20 15:56:26

I'm pretty sure that you are eligible for emergency housing as you have children. Have a read of the following:

Is there anyone at all you can call right now? thanks

VettiyaIruken Sat 05-Sep-20 15:56:29

Go to your local authority with a letter from your now ex telling you to leave.
Present as homeless and hopefully you will be given temporary accommodation until something suitable becomes available, or depending where you are they may have something straight away. Don't be picky. What matters is a roof over your children's heads, it can be improved after that urgent need is met.

Also phone Shelter for advice.

Catawaul Sat 05-Sep-20 15:58:00

Sorry to hear this. What were your living arrangements before you moved, did you have your own place? Can you contact that landlord to ask if they have anything else?

EvilHerbivore Sat 05-Sep-20 15:58:34

If you are leaving due to domestic abuse, call 0808 2000 247 - they'll be able to help you find a refuge space for you and your family

Lauz532 Sat 05-Sep-20 17:54:00

Thank you for all the advice have tried shelter but there closed will try them again tomorrow and the council

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flossletsfloss Sat 05-Sep-20 20:37:17

flossletsfloss Sat 05-Sep-20 20:38:02

Sorry I posted too soon. I don't know where in England you are but I hope the link above gives some more advice that's helpful.

TitianaTitsling Sat 05-Sep-20 20:39:30

There should be an out of hours homelessness number? If you feel comfortable to say where you are it can be looked up for you to save your data?

Decentsalnotime Sat 05-Sep-20 20:52:18

You can’t leave tonight
So plaster a smile on, for the sake of your children, profoundly apologise to this cretinous being, settle the children to sleep, smile and grovel.

Unlikely you’ll make much progress tomorrow but you can research. All the time keeping that subservient smile on your face.

Then Monday - attack the project is moving out.

You do this for their children so they seamlessly move from one place to another.

That’s what I’d do anyway.

Decentsalnotime Sat 05-Sep-20 20:52:55

Presuming you’re safe of course

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