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10 week old and babysitters

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Blak Thu 03-Sep-20 19:05:43

Hi FTM here, my DD is 10 weeks old and on Saturday I am leaving her with my mum, who is more than capable of looking after her as she’s had 3 girls herself. I am going away for the night for my partners 30th as since me being pregnant and lockdown happening we haven’t had the chance to get away from everything just the both of us and with it being his 30th I thought I’d make the effort to go away although my anxieties are very high and I feel very guilty. My DD is in a very very good routine and I am wondering if leaving her with my mum for one night will ruin this for us and also if anyone else has left there babies with sitters at this age?


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LouiseTrees Thu 03-Sep-20 23:43:48

One night isn’t going to change them permanently. Does your mum know the routine, could you kindly ask her to follow it?

yoyoyo5678 Fri 04-Sep-20 02:36:37

I don't think she will even notice you're gone at that age. Give your mum a brief over view of the routine but like you say, she's had her own 3 girls and this is basically like her fourth. She'll treat her granddaughter just as she treated you guys which is with love and care I'm assuming! smile enjoy yourself while you have the opportunity, the leaving is the hardest bit but once you're there you'll be so happy you did it. You might even have a little cry (like I did😂) but that will be it and logically you know your DD can be with no one safer than your mum. Get her to send lots of pics of what she's up to!x

seayork2020 Fri 04-Sep-20 02:50:05

My son was left with my IL's from a young baby, I love my son dearly but no I not feel I have to be with him 24/7, he was perfectly ok with my inlaws (my parents were overseas) and he got to spend time with them.

BGirlBouillabaisse Fri 04-Sep-20 02:53:05

Babies don't need a routine and one night away will make no difference to a routine anyway.

For balance, mine are nearly 8 and 4 and I've never left them (I don't really get any help from parents etc).

If you don't want to go away for the night, how about just a meal and drinks with a night away when baby is older?

BGirlBouillabaisse Fri 04-Sep-20 02:54:20

Sorry, I should say I've never left them overnight, I'm not permanently attached to the pair of them, that would be interesting grin

Blak Fri 04-Sep-20 08:27:30

@LouiseTrees thankyou for the reassurance and yes I’ve written her routine down in fine detail but I’m worried because shes not having her at our house that she won’t settle for her routine.
@yoyoyo5678 again Thankyou for the reassurance I think the thought of leaving her is also what is worrying me but she’s in the best hands, it’s just such a big step to make. Fingers crossed I don’t cry 😂

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Suzi888 Fri 04-Sep-20 08:33:14

She’s too little op, she won’t notice your not there or where she is. Just give your mum something with your scent on- a T shirt or a little blanket that you’ve slept with.
I left mine overnight at 6 weeks with my mum and she just slept and drank milk.
Make the most of it! Mine wouldn’t settle at all after the 10 month mark grin Enjoy your night away!

INeedNewShoes Fri 04-Sep-20 08:37:47

One departure from a well established routine shouldn't cause an issue.

DD was generally in a great sleep routine as a baby despite me taking her out in the evening on a reasonably regular basis.

I think you're ok to leave her for one night at 10 weeks but you need to feel ok about it or it'll be pointless if you let the guilt override enjoying the occasion.

nannynick Fri 04-Sep-20 08:47:53

As a nanny & babysitter I have cared for babies as young as 3 days old. I have cared for a 4 week old one day per week (11 hours)... now that child is nearly 3 years old and I still do one day per week permanently, with some ad-hoc days/evenings. Have cared for twins overnight, think they were 2 weeks old at the time. So some people are used to caring for newborns for varying periods of time.

Your DD will get to know your mum and if you find a babysitter who has baby experience then DD can get to know them too.

Wale90 Fri 04-Sep-20 19:22:44

I find it was far easier to leave a little one rather than a toddler, they just sleep and eat!

As long as she's bonded with your mum then ho for it!

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